Wow or Woe, Release Date 9/19


Hit-Girl #8

have enjoyed this story-arc driven series quite a bit. But, just as the original series had moments that touched me, this issue did the same. How strange is it though that the voice of Nic Cage is the voice of Big Daddy when I read.

This one gets a big WOW and the fact that the next arc has one of my favorite recent artists… all in.


What Happens Next? Not Violence?

charm_monster_by_benwootten-d9b8wh6I played in a game at GenCon, it was one of those systems that works better with 4+ players, unfortunately, it was just Mad Dog and me. The GM told us it was a hard adventure, but we said we would give it a shot.

There were some wild monsters, we treated them well, offering kindness, and avoided that encounter. The main conflict revolved around an evil necromantress and another evil dude. My character, being who he is, tried to befriend both of them. It worked, until the final conflict, when I tried to mediate a solution that didnt’t require violence, the necromantress refused. More to the point, the GM was flustered, and really didn’t know what to do. We talked about it, and I said it was fine. As we fought her, my character kept deliveering poison attacks to her, and calmly talking to her “you don’t have to do this, we can all get out of this happy, there is no need for violence” etc and even though it was obvious she would not be able to survive, she persisted.


Because, as much as Mike Mearls claims that games can be about non-violence, if all your rules point towards violence as the primary means of conflict resolution, that is what players will do.


RPG Saturday, Velvet Generation

Back in March, I statted up a character for the 1e of this game, it has been reborn, after a successful Kickstarter, and I was lucky enough to play at GenCon. (Note to self, send more energy out into the world hoping for editions of games).

The game was a lot of fun, and I am already thinking about my Kidd Video game of it.

I am really excited to get the rulebook in my hands, there are some really cool mechanics at play about being in a band.





Friday Refresh, Gen13

Gen_13_Vol_2_1AOr, should that be Gen14?

At the time, characters named Grunge and Burnout said so much about comics, this is the most Image, yet also, concurrently, the least Image and most relevant of teams and comics. There have been numerous attempts to revitalize the franchise, or some of the characters. They need to recapture the charm or the original, and either have them all older and still holding onto their teen years way too long, or introduce a new team that are as-broadly painted cliches of youth as the originals.


Wow or Woe, Release Date 9/12

jul180683This was a week with lots of stuff, so while I consider my final rating, some 6 word reviews of some other books:

Charlie’s Angels #4: I really want to like this.

Supergirl #22: Shocked Maguire is on a monthly.

Archie 1941: Dare I say it, surprisingly evocative.

Nancy Drew #4: Did Keene(tm) Estate authorize “shit” usage?

Onto my full review: Red Hood and The Outlaws 26

When I saw this new costume, along with Babs new costume, I was not thrilled. Comics are art and story, and both should combine to make a great story.

I think if this book had different art, and a less sucky costume, I might have really enjoyed it. And, frankly, if I think about it, maybe it’s just the costume. Overall, I have to give it a WOE though.