The Pull List, Release Date 6/20

APR181312Superteens vs Crusaders

I wanted more from the Crusaders book. I want more from this, mainly because it is only two issues. I was incredibly saddened to hear that Archie is going on hiatus, of course I will be picking up Archie 1941, but it doesn’t instill confidence in me.



What Happens Next, Character Optimization

When creating a character to play in a game, I always struggle with what type of character I want to create.

This is because, often, games are most enjoyable when there is some attention paid to combat, and how characters (and a party) will act and interact in combat.

Combat optimization is often used as a slur, but the reality is this: most games are designed around combat as the primary form of conflict resolution, so what fun is it if you suck.

Nobody wants to suck.

Or, maybe people do, but then, likely, their fellow party members do not want this.

The “problem” is that games inherently subsist on combat, so why focus on anything else?

4d110b3d025e91785f747c5522f506b6Why dump points into non-combat skills, if, at that most crucial point, you are bringing the team down, and consequently, reducing your chance for survival.

A game where characters can excel in non-combat areas, and pulling back even more,  a game that places as much weight, narratively and mechanics-wise, on non-combat while maybe even making non-combat conflicts more the norm, this game encourages me to play a character I want to play, and my primary concern is do I want to be the only character of my type.

You can be the bad-ass archer, you can be the tough fighter, you’re the all-powerful enigmatic wizard, of course you can be the paragon ranger…. I want to be the heart of the team.

Does your system allow for that?



RPG Saturday: Star Frontiers

Boy, was this a game I always wanted to love. Mainly, because I found the races and “setting” and Elmore art amazing.


Boy, is there really not much here in terms of rules. Characters start out quite hapless. I made a yazirian (the gliding primates).

I wish someone would take some of this stuff and make an actual, playable game, where incompetence is discouraged.


Friday Refresh: Ghosts Can’t Do It

Elderly Scott kills himself after a heart attack wrecks his body, but then comes back as a ghost and convinces his loving young hot wife Kate to pick and kill a young man in order for Scott to possess his body and be with her again.

If ever there was a formula for a horror film, this is it. Or go stunt casting, gender swap it and have Bo Derek be the elderly heart attack victim.


What Happens Next, I Don’t Want To Be The Cleric

1733968-elongYou’re late to character creation, so you’re stuck playing the character.

Or, the team already has a stretchy detective.

Or speedster.

In many fantasy games, a cleric is needed, as well as front line fighters, sneaky characters (to open locks, but spells can supersede this), etc… A 4th Edition broke down these class-types by broad roles: striker, controller, etc….

2fcc0c4486f22a7a5d6679f450492903Does the game your playing have specific necessary roles and/ or does it suffer it certain roles are not met? Can there be overlap without stepping on toes?

Hot Take: games that do this suffer from having their origins in boardgame type play or are too specific and granular.

If your character dies, do you have to bring a similar character back into the party?

Of course, character personality can affect anything, because it is a roleplaying game, but a healer is a healer, amirite?

I prefer systems that let me take on another role, that of a character’s personality, specifically how my character interacts with other characters.

Of course, these roles can change over time, and of course, they might not change too much as players can sometimes like to play the same type of personality no matter the character.

The reason why you can’t have a party of thieves is because most systems require healing, etc.

Play a different game.