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Game the Game, Roll vs Role, The Gazebo

One of the classic folk-tales of gaming involves a gazebo:

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Instead of clarifying, the GM just let it go.


The GM’s job is to immerse the players in the game world, because the characters live there and are likely highly competent. If the players don’t know what a gazebo is, tell them.

Additionally, if you’re playing in a sci-fi world and nanites are a thing, and the PCs are investigating something, you might want to remind them of nanites. Don’t punish them because they did not expressly state they were looking for nanites.


Game the Game: Roll vs Role: Expectations

A GM wants to start a campaign.

They want to do their take on a Star Wars game, where the PCs are the heroes.

They change enough stuff, but the core remains, the force, and an evil empire.

Trouble is, as soon as the twist shows up, the player characters decide they just want to roam the stars. Like Firefly.


The cmapign stalls, the GM clearly wanted the PCs to be the heroes.

They wanted to be the rogues.

So, perhaps the more appropriate pic would be:


Pregenerated characters can help this situation, but once in the hands of players, a GM cannot do anything but react.

The bigger picture is being clear with what is expected, and what is desired:

“I want to run a Star Wars game where over time we will explore many of the same themes of the original 3 films, and truly it will be an epic story of good versus evil. Do you want to play?”

If players agree, and then flake, the GM can talk to them, or end the campaign, but will not have to be frustrated that the players had different expectations… on paper.

Ask players what they want, ask specific and general questions. Do what works for you.

That GM could have forced their hand, but what was obvious was that when trouble showed, they wanted to run away, not toward.

That was not the type of game I wanted to run.


Imagine If, The New Mutants, Release Date 1987

Imagine if Hollywood had released tent-pole comic-book movies starring their iconic characters around the time of the source material’s release date. For the purposes of this experiment, we will say that a movie would be released 5 years after the introduction of the character, and only movies that have been made would be made.

X-Men: First Class rejuvenated the franchise, and as in comics, New Mutants brought something new to the table.

Ed Harris reprises his role as Professor X, and Alyssa Milano appears in a couple scenes to tie it together, but this film, as the comic, was about the New Mutants. But, moving away from the Brat Pack drama of the First Class, this film was more of a horror film, catering to the rejuvenated interest in that genre.

kinopoisk.ruCannonball- Woody Harrelson

A bit old as an actor, yes, but did the charm thing well.







657f4656b35d79db00bb89032d5081a5Karma-Tia Carrere

An established actress, producers wanted someone who woudl be believeable as the leader of the team.









reise-zur-insel-der-geister-journey-to-spirit-island-tarek-mccarthy-D1Y412Psyche- Bettina Bush

Primarily a voice actress, but had some on-screen experience.







Rico Suave indeed. Arrogant, handsome, and South American.






ok1a.jpgWolfsbane- Dervla Kerwin

Irish stage actress would be making her film debut.






115397.max-620x600Cypher- Corey Haim

Already a big star, producers were reluctant, but he nailed his audition, showing some of the depth he portrayed in Lucas.






And for the rivals, the Hellions, mentioned by name, paving the way for a sequel. Instead, the enemy in this was Demon Bear, with the Black King and Queen as antagonists.

1d8123bc34a4b215c9d38123f74d9574--robert-englund-actors-maleBlack King- Robert Englund

Freddy Krueger himself in a horror film.






8d6586c0829d77b384f65772aed2f258--kelly-brock-vogue-fashionBlack Queen- Kelly LeBrock



Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 12/13

OCT170961Runaways #4

I am enjoying the Runaways TV series. Any quibbles I might have are minor, but as I watch, I am reminded how amazing the original story arcs and premise of this book was. One of the most original, innovative, interesting stories in the Big Two in quite some time, the way it interacted with the rest of the MU, and the ways it didn’t interact were all great. The reveals were astounding.

And then…. it went sideways. It went downhill. And it became one of those titles I read just to see it through, but the charm was gone. The excitement was gone. I would have to go back and read specifically, but I think when Vaughn left and Whedon took over is when it went downhill.

Molly_Hayes_(Earth-13729)_0001Volume 3 I read out of obligation.

When this most recent iteration started, it pulled me in. But, this most recent issue. Meh. The ending had a nice moment, but Anka’s art feels flat and not right for the series. I want to love you again, and will continue reading, but, for right now, this gets a WOE! But, because I can, I share the following, one of my favorite bits from recent Marvel stuff.

Future Molly is the best!


Crossover Catalog: Secret Wars (1984-85)

Crossover Catalog seeks to examine crossover events of the big two, grading them on their Idea, Permanence, Execution, and Continuity. The IPEC scale and subsequent score will be recorded.

Arguably, the first significant crossover, and still one of the best?

Marvel_Super_Heroes_Secret_Wars_Vol_1_8.jpgIDEA- An all-powerful being swoops up many of the major heroes and villains and makes them fight on Battleworld. 5/5

PERMANENCE- Secret Wars was significant because it was designed, seemingly, to be permanent and bring about change in the status quo. Thing miniseries was great, Spidey and the black costume, very significant. 5/5

EXECUTION- Great writing and art. 5/5


Pick this one up, it is worth your time. 20/20.




The Pull List, Comic Release Date 12/13


Newly elected Mayor Wilson Fisk has declared Daredevil Public Enemy No. 1. Now, every bit of law enforcement in New York City is out to take him down, and the Man Without Fear has nowhere to hide – while Matt Murdock receives the most incredible offer of his legal career.

Remember when Cap was a Nazi, and I struggled with that. This story has similar real-world corollaries, but works much more.

I hope.