Irrational Movie Review-X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men_Days_of_Future_Past_posterIt didn’t suck.  It was actually enjoyable.  I have some hopes for the X-Franchise.  Will Kitty Pryde get time travel powers in the comics? We can only hope not.  There was a whole lot going on with this movie, but it was actually pretty coherent, and I was surprised that I liked it.  Welcome back to the franchise, Bryan Singer. Superman fans might never forgive you. I was reminded that you made Valkyrie, a movie based on real facts and stuff that had me actually asking myself as the climax built “wait, will they really kill Hitler?”

Rating: e




There are lots of reviews already out there, so instead of trying to replicate the cadence of a traditional movie reviews, we bring you Irrational Movie Reviews. Exactly 97 words, and rated on a scale from i (square root of -1), φ (approx. 1.61), e ( approx. 2.71) and π (approx. 3.14).



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