GAME THE GAME: 5th Edition Player’s Handbook Part 3

Leveling Up

AxeI don’t get the math behind the XP goals to level up. 300, 900, 2700, 6500, 14000, etc…

Unfortunately, the PHB has only low level (1st level appropriate) monsters, so I can’t see how it works out, but this looks like it could be a grind, or that dire wolves at 2nd level will be not worth the time.

A Dire Wolf is a Challenge Rating 1 (200XP). So a party of 4 characters facing 2 Dire Wolves (would die!) would each get 100, I am assuming. But, that same party facing the same threat at second level would get 100, which wouldn’t do much for them.


There are rules for it.  Characters follow the same XP chart, so for your 5th level wizard to get that level of fighter, will cost 7500 XP, or you can just become a 6th level wizard. Unified XP charts are a good thing. When they make sense.

Not being able to play with higher level monsters, it remains to be seen if it will all come together.

Onto multi-classing itself:

-Stat prerequisites to multiclass, none higher than 13.
-Hit points and hit dice, as to be expected, new class gives you that hit die, but not at max.
-Proficiency bonus goes up with total level.
-A nice chart showing what proficiencies you gain when you multi-class into a class.
-Some class features have special rules in regards to multi-classing: channel divinity, extra attack, unarmored defense, and spell-casting.
-Spell-casting is handled relatively elegantly it seems, would need to see it in play: you add all the levels (or portion of) of your spell-casting classes, this determines your spell slots. There is a multi-classing spell-caster chart for spell slots. If you have access (via the chart) to a higher level spell than you can cast, you can use that slot(s) to caster lower level spells. And there is even a contingency if you are casting a spell that has an effect based on level.

Stats and Feats

Stats cannot go higher than 20 if improving them at assigned levels. The assigned levels are class dependent, not on the basic XP chart. You have to forsake the ability bonus(es) to gain a feat.



That Dire Wolf:

Has 37 HP, speed of 50, is +5 to hit, and does 10 damage, and might knock you prone. Wizards should stay away from Dire Wolves!

Check back later for more looks at the new Player’s Handbook.  We will be tackling different aspects of the book over the next three days! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for instant notifications of when we post new content or to let us know what you want us to review!

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