She Can Fly: All-New, All-Different, All Right Here

All-New, All-Different Marvel Now promises to provide a variety of content: some new, some old, some unexpected. Here’s a small taste of what readers have to look forward to starting next month, with new #1’s being introduced post-Secret Wars, and continuing on into the New Year!

Books include the first female-led title with an all-female writing and art team (Patsy Walker, a.k.a. Hellcat!), one of the first Native American led comic titles (Red Wolf), and a callback to one of some of our AoG staffers’ favorite Marvel events (Contest of Champions). Each title is said to encompass a different, unique tone that will compliment the characters it stars. If you’re looking for referential comedy to Marvel’s origins, try Kath Leth’s Hellcat. If you want a serious, Western vibe, go for Nathan Edmondson’s Red Wolf. And if you’re looking for big, dramatic battles that include the whole Marvel Universe, look no further than Al Ewing’s Contest of Champions.

Thanks to our friends at Marvel for the images, provided via press release!

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