IMAGINE IF: X-Men, Release Date 1968

Imagine if Hollywood had released tent-pole comic-book movies starring their iconic characters around the time of the source material’s release date. For the purposes of this experiment, we will say that a movie would be released 5 years after the introduction of the character, and only movies that have been made would be made.

Imagine If: X-Men, Release Date 1968

yul-with-camera_409Professor X-Yul Brynner

This one is a no-brainer.





Michael_Douglas_1969Cyclops-Michael Douglas

Hollywood royalty, he was finishing up his studies as a drama major at UC Santa Barbara, producers loved the idea of this being his first major role, and felt that although he was unproven, would be able to bring a certain gravitas needed for the role as field leader of the X-Men.



lowresnewtranspJean Grey-Sharon Tate

Though only 23 in 1967, Sharon Tate was already an “it girl”, having been a very sought after model and actress, whose prior work was smallish parts on TV and in occult and cult films and often without her clothes on. Producers wanted to tap into that sex appeal for Jean Grey!



004Angel-Jan Michael Vincent

Mike or Michael Vincent as he was credited at this time, had made a shirtless appearance on Dragnet around this time, and was sure to be snatched up.



beachf~1Ice Man-Jay North

A known commodity as Dennis the Menace, producers wanted to capitalize on this mischievous reputation for the youngest X-Man, and known prankster and troublemaker.


jon-voightBeast-Jon Voight

Voight was tall, 6’2”, and had been working hard for his big break on TV and in the movies, but up to this point in his career, had been mostly one episode appearances, though his theatre reputation was well established, having played Rodolfo in A View From The Bridge on Broadway in 1965.



Peter_O'Toole_-_1968Magneto-Peter O’Toole

Lawrence of Arabia, King Henry II, Hamlet, O’Toole was and is considered one of the finest actors ever. If there was a actor who would elevate a performance, O’Toole was it.


Wow or Woe: Comic Release Date 3/29


Reggie and Me Finale

Reggie and Me #4 was my Pull List this week, did it live up to the hype, and what else is worth talking about?

Archie continues to kick ass! The first 2/3 of the story paint Riverdale’s resident antihero up to his old tricks, which were so scheming and malicious it almost made me cringe. Betty was the real star here, showing depths of characterization that have become the hallmark of the current Archie-verse titles. The conclusion of the issue was a real gut-punch in so many ways. #allthefeels

In issue #4 of Archie, Archie architect Mark Waid wrote an essay discussing how Reggie really is just a heel. The Reggie and Me title seemed like it might just be 5 issues of douchebaggery, which would not be a stretch, and Tom DeFalco delivers the promised antics,  but also so much more.

Certainly, I have no idea what will happen, but Reggie and Me has been a wonderful addition to the Archie-verse, bringing some background and depth to Master Mantle. With Archie’s “Over the Edge” promising conflict between Andrews and Mantle and a death, I am inferring that Reggie now has the depth needed to bring him into the regular titles with nuance. Guesses on who will die? I cannot wait for the Reggie and Me finale! WOW

Spider-Woman #17

I appreciate the Roger+Jess relationship on one-level, and on another it marginalizes the beautiful friendship that had developed between the former-villain and the title character. The series finale has many wonderful moments, scenes of interaction between characters that is so sorely lacking in so many titles these days, but the reality is, the conceit of the romance makes it a bit of a downer.


Author Dennis Hopeless

Why can’t they just be friends, or why can’t Roger have a crush on her and leave it at that? Why can’t two adults just be friends? The fact that Roger looks a hella lot like writer Dennis Hopeless does not endear this story line to me.

In an arbitrarily binary review system, I have to give this one a WOE.

Also on my list this week: Kamandi Challenge, Champions, Batgirl Annual, DK III, Thunderbolts, Jughead: the Hunger, X-Men Prime, Infamous Iron Man.

Did you pick up anything awesome this week?

DC Rebirth: A Superfan’s Reactions

10409702_10204602647689225_9151817959937890043_nWe talked to Mike awhile back, and asked him for his take on DC Rebirth, DC’s proclaimed non-reboot, and with almost a year of publishing, and not having announced another reboot, we thought we would catch up with him, and see what the status is of the DCU.

How are you enjoying Rebirth? I’m loving it! The return to pre-Flashpoint DC has been a breath of fresh air.

Has it reinvigorated your interest in DC? It has. I was reading 3 books towards the end of New 52; now I’m up to a dozen.
Does it feel like a reboot? It’s weird, some of the books do feel that way, but some books (like the Superman titles) have embraced the craziness of the New 52, taken what worked and folded it into the pre-Flashpoint continuity.
Screen-Shot-2017-01-23-at-5.24.36-PMHow much of the pre-Reboot continuity is still around? Is it New 52? Post-Convergence? Post-Flashpoint? Combination of all the above? It’s a combination. Like I mentioned with Superman, they folded it in. I think the upcoming Button crossover in Flash and Batman will uncover more of this.
Is it less or more confusing? Less. They’ve done a very good job of informing readers of what’s going on.
Favorite books? I love Detective Comics; it’s my must read. Action, Superman, Batman, Green Lanterns, JLA, Teen Titans, Titans.
Most disappointing books? Justice League has been disappointing; but oddly my favorite moment thus far was the JL/Suicide Squad crossover. Bryan Hitch has been wildly inconsistent. First three arcs: Bad story, great story, mediocre story. 
Why are there so many super-people? Super-Man, Superwoman, Luthor, etc…? Luthor as Superman is gone already and I think it all tied into the importance of Superman in the DCU. They’ve made him relevant again.
(Ed. Note: #somanykryptonians)
Blue-Beetle-Vol-6-Ted-Kord-1Have there been any “wow” moments? The JL/SS crossover was epic; so many good moments there. The recent Superman Reborn crossover was great. But still the best moment for me is still that moment Barry remembers Wally in the Rebirth special.
Where is Blue Beetle? He’s got his own book. But yeah, I want Ted Kord to suit up! 


Is Batman still the best? Always! He’s the central character in this summer’s big event Dark Days. (Ed. Note: sigh. Mike missed my snark. Batman is always more interesting when he is flawed, not just a vessel for writers to channel their wet-dreams of Batman being the best onto paper.)

What characters/ ideas are still missing? The JSA, Legion of Super-Heroes. Booster Gold is still MIA, and I expect he’ll be turning up soon. DC has done a much better job of weaving their books together since Rebirth. New 52 felt like it was a line of independent books that rarely crossed over. Rebirth is much more cohesive, but there’s still room to grow. I just recently reread the first 30 or so issues of the 1980’s Suicide Squad run and I’d forgotten how integral the late 80’s run of Suicide Squad was to the DCU. Spinning out of Legends, tied into Millennium and Invasion, it crossed over with JLI, Doom Patrol, Checkmate, Manhunter, Captain Atom, and Firestorm (those last four in the epic, but often under appreciated Janus Directive). Not to mention the revolving door of villains recently apprehended in books like Flash and Batman. Rebirth has brought some of that back, but it hopefully will add more.

What are you looking forward to? The next big event is the Button crossover which will have Batman and Flash uncovering some of the secrets of Rebirth and hopefully discovering the Watchmens’ role in the Rebirth. I’m also psyched we may be seeing the return of the JSA in an upcoming issue of JLA as teased in the JLA Rebirth issue.

In closing: I appreciate Mike’s renewed love of the comics and characters that had been missing from publishing and thus his life for so long. As a Marvel fan, I wish I could say that post-Secret Wars has done the same for me, but thus far, it has not. I think Secret Wars was a better event compared to Convergence, but post event, post-not-reboot, DC is doing a better job and their sales back this up.


Whatever Happened To… Vigilante?

Imagine my giddy surprise when I stumbled across the following:

Screenshot 2017-03-28 13.31.43

The shiny cover, the thicker paper, the amazing costume…


This Vigilante spring from the Wolfman+Perez Teen Titans and has always been a favorite of mine. I quickly read the article, not really caring much about the Arrow TV show (sorry CW), but maybe it is something I should revisit (TBF: not likely to happen, I powered through Iron Fist because it was only 13 episodes, slogging through multiple seasons of a show I have tried several times doesn’t have much appeal, and my time is not that free). So, I had to wonder, is my lack of DC loyalty depriving me? A quick wiki-check quickly informed me, that no version of this character in the awesome costume has been significant in DC since 2008.

I will be the first to complain about comics being too grim and gritty nowadays, and likely the tale of a lawyer conflicted about villains running free, and standing on his own to enact his own brand of justice might seem a good fit, these books, like so many books of past ages, told stories about the heroes and the men behind the mask.

When was the last time that Bruce Wayne dealt with a whole bunch of Bruce Wayne stuff. When was the last time a 22 page comic juggled multiple plotlines and resolved them all?

It just doesn’t happen these days… but obviously, some working on Arrow shares my love and regard for Vigilante. Is DC missing out on a great tie-in comic?


The Pull List: Weds 3/29

695336_ac457d31000c20cca04e50b012a1b79a1822b26bIn an entire line full of satisfying and surprising comics, Reggie And Me #3 was one of the most satisfying and surprising in a long time: I am not afraid to admit I even choked up a bit.

Former Marvel EiC Tom DeFalco makes Reggie’s antihero’s journey incredibly compelling, and I cannot wait until Weds when #4 comes out. Jughead the Hunger is coming out as well, and if you are a fan of all things geeky and nerdy, cross your streams and take a look at this Jughead+Monsterhearts hack character.

I cannot, unironically, emphasize this enough: the current Archieverse titles and one-shots are necessary reading. Fuck Rebirth and whatever post-Secret Wars garbage is putting out (disclaimer: I am still reading plenty of books from the Big 2!), Make Mine Archie!

Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.29.50.png