Where Sports and Comics Meet? Part 1

302315-20476-122582-1-nfl-superproCalm down everyone, Marvel is not rebooting NFL Superpro, Mark Millar has not signed on to write Kickers, Inc. (his idea of football has US scratching our heads).


After reading my post complaining about the quality of the comics Marvel is producing, Joe Quesada got in touch with me, and dared me to pitch him some better ideas. Give me 12 hours Joe. He agreed, probably because I asked nicely. I called him back. We would make an event of it. Like the NFL draft (which happens in 15 days). I spoke with my co-conspirators, and we decided we could oversee 12 books. Four for each of us. First we would draft the teams, and then the superheroes. The draft order for each would be different. The character draft would be 7 rounds, serpentine. No character could be used more than once, and characters had to be ones that Marvel had the rights to. (Sorry, Mike, no Rom!).

Rom57.gifJoe agreed, he loved the idea but wanted to know more. Joe, I said, hold your horses, we will get there. You wanted an event, we at Planet Zeist want to give you an event. Our draft will begin two weeks from now, Weds, 4/26.

We would call it the SuperDraft, but that is for the US version of Millar’s football. No thanks.

Watch as we attempt to outwit each other, there will definitely be surprises, and we guarantee these 12 books will sell better, cumulatively, than Marvel’s top selling team books right now.

Stay tuned, superfans!

(Update: This image from the top secret combine was leaked by Instagram User QueJoeQuestionmark)





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