IMAGINE IF: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Release Date 2016

Imagine if Hollywood had released tent-pole comic-book movies starring their iconic characters around the time of the source material’s release date. For the purposes of this experiment, we will say that a movie would be released 5 years after the introduction of the character, and only movies that have been made would be made.

The Spider-Man film franchise is closing in on 50 years, and we have seen two actors portray the titular character. RDJ is no longer the sassy young man he once was, and since the Cameron-derived Spider-franchise only lasted for two films (many claim the adult tone and nature of the first, while generating record box office, did not help the franchise find new sequel legs), the franchise was once again in limbo. Marvel, and Producers privately toyed with the idea of a reboot, but since the comics had not rebooted, they did not want to go this route. Thank goodness for the Ultimate universe, and specifically, Brian-Michael Bendis who created Miles Morales. Instead of negating all the films that came before, Marvel would be be able to continue to tell stories in comic-time, as opposed to regular time. In comic-time, Peter Parker might be approaching his mid-30s now, and producers did consider having the always chipper RDJ don the tights again, after a 20 year hiatus. But, now, they didn’t have to. They could continue to advance their timeline, introducing not only a new Spider-Man, but villains and supporting characters who had not been seen in the franchise without ignoring anything from any of the prior films. Producers were certain they wanted the franchise to be solidly PG again, both in terms of tone and content.

c977ac76ef590ffa8f047827fd8ed478Miles Morales/ Spider-Man-Roshon Fegan

Believe it or not he is 25!






jennifer-lopez-122915Rio Morales-JLo

Miles’ mother.




0117-GQ-FEOS03-Mahershala-Ali-02Jefferson Davis-Mahershala Ali

Miles’ dad.




img_about_indexGanke Lee-Bobby Lee

Yes, he is very old for the part, but producers thought the role needn’t necessarily be young, and loved his comic timing. And he was of Korean descent.



10Morlun-Colin Farrell

Producers thought he could pull off the long hair and the warmth and menace needed for the part.





320add17807f3c939d57369f65c778e1Madame Web-Meryl Streep

Why not?







Spider-Gwen-Chloe Grace Moretz

Fearless, unafraid to do action, and with plenty of sass.




indexVulture-Woody Harrelson

Producers had something else in mind, but Harrelson once again surprised everyone with his audition and nailed the part.




seth-rogen-steve-jobsElectro-Seth Rogen

Rogen made his pitch, and producers liked what he was selling. Electro should be an everyman, working on a power line.



Will-ArnettMysterio-Will Arnett

Likely cashing in on his distinctive voice, and with his previous experience with ILLUSIONS, Arnett had no issue wearing a fish bowl filled with smoke on his head.



Jeffrey WrightChameleon-Jeffrey Wright

Wright showed up to the audition and wowed producers with his own chameleon-like ability to morph into various ages, ethnicities, accents, and dialects.






WWE wrestler, incredibly strong, fluent in several languages.




4b8d61e35d08b308fd673e8a04e14778Kangaroo-Hugh Jackman

Rounding out the sinister six, the multi-talented Aussie made his case to producers by explaining that dancing is jumping and if they wanted a jumping supervillain, they best have someone who knows how to move.




In a post-credits scene…

Sajal20Ali202020-85-1442253324Kamala Khan-Sajal Ali

Young Pakistani actress.







Rico_Rodriguez_at_2015_PaleyFestGoldballs-Rico Rodriguez

Star of the small-screen.




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