Game the Game: Role vs Roll: What Color Is That Dragon (and How Much)?

Game the Game: Role vs Roll will be a regular series approaching gaming questions through the wisdom of memes, delivering unto you, “wisdom” and “advice” about roleplaying and roll-playing.


Screenshot 2017-06-18 10.13.49.png

True Story: GM is running a game of D&D.

Describes a dragon, using lots of adjectives

Player asks what color the dragon is.

GM gets upset, talks about immersion, and what a stupid question, and etc…

But, we are playing D&D. in D&D, the color of a dragon is significant. We, as players know this info. If a GM wants to ignore or change this, they need to be upfront during the planning stages of a campaign, and they need to find more in their bag of trikcs than anger.

GMs- if you want us, the players, to be immersed in your world, immerse. If you want us to ignore certain conceits of a game world or game rules, you need to be clear about this from the start.

Players- yes, it is ok if you ask what color the dragon is. A GM cannot take away player knowledge, but you might also consider immersion. Allow yourself to be engaged in the moment.

I would argue that when playing D&D, there is so much inherent baggage, situations like this are bound to happen. If you want to bring back the awe, try a different system.



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