Crisis of Comics: More Hanna Barbera!

Crisis of Comics takes a weekly look at some of the recent publishing woes by the Big Two, offers up theories and concludes with suggestions about what might be missing.

Scooby Apocalypse, FutureQuest, Flintstones, Wacky Raceland, reimagining classic cartoon properties with a more edgy spin. Snagglepuss as a gay, southern-gothic playwright.


c160b5c08e1fea1ee84d0209fc90ade7I enjoyed Wacky Raceland quite a bit, the art was so very dense. FutureQuest was great fun, but keep these titles coming DC!

  • Captain Caveman. Make him less goofy looking, make him a hulking brute, keep the female sidekicks sexed up. Joe Jusko doing the art.
  • Hong Kong Phooey. David Aja art.
  • Space Ghost. He was great in FutureQuest, but really deserves his own title.
  • Yogi Bear. Draw him realistically, make him an eco-warrior.
  • Jabberjaw. Cybernetically enhanced shark designed for war, breaks free, and joins up with young twenty-somethings who have a band on a cruise ship.
  • Grape Ape. Godzilla/ Kong style shenanigans.
  • Speed Buggy. Fast and Furious meets Knight Rider style adventures.
  • Quick Draw McGraw. Gritty old west tale.
  • Scooby family. Genetically engineered dogs revolt, and are pursued by a group led by Scrappy.
  • Blue Falcon. This needs to happen.

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