Wow or Woe, Release Date 8/9

709938_secret-empire-8-js-campbell-variantSecret Empire #8 came out this week.

I am sure many of you have given up, and I also know people who think this is the greatest, most important comic event for our current state of affairs in America. I am seeing it through to the end, so that I might be able to offer up a fully informed analysis.

This was the issue narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Is the story getting any more coherent> Is there any more clarity how this event is going to transition to Generations and Legacy, which has already started!!!


It gets a very frustrating WOE from me, on so many levels. If they went for it, really went for it, if the repercussions of this were felt 2 years from now, that might be interested. It isn’t even relevant in most of the titles being currently being published by Marvel.

Also purchased this week: Generations: The Phoenix, Riverdale, Hulk, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Old Man Logan, Ms. Marvel, Defenders, Wolverine.


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