Imagine If: BvS, Release Date 1997

Imagine if Hollywood had released tent-pole comic-book movies starring their iconic characters around the time of the source material’s release date. For the purposes of this experiment, we will say that a movie would be released 5 years after the introduction of the character, and only movies that have been made would be made.

The pieces were in place. There was a Batman. There was a Superman.

And, with the Death of Superman, an excuse to bring them together and (re)introduce Wonder Woman!

Nic Cage stays as The Bat. Brendan Fraser remains the Big Blue Boy Scout.

Ma and Pa Kent, Luthor stay the same.

This story focuses more on The Bat, his supporting cast remains, and adds his parents, in a cheeky cameo from Batman Begins… Thomas and Martha Wayne are played by Ryan O’Neal and Cher.

monica-bellucci-monica-bellucci-148206906Wonder Woman-Monica Bellucci

The stunning Italian actress spoke four languages. Producers created a language for her as an Amazon.





Wrestling was big in 1997, producers liked the idea of there being a person behind the makeup, one who was not only big, but could tussle. Goldust, at 6’6″ was indeed big and surprisingly quick and limber, an as a bonus, was used to lots of makeup.




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