Wow or Woe, Release Date 11/29

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Fun, teen angsty, with many winks and easter eggs.

Well worth a WOW on a slow 5th week.



Crossover Catalog, FF Annual 3

Crossover Catalog seeks to examine crossover events of the big two, grading them on their Idea, Permanence, Execution, and Continuity. The IPEC scale and subsequent score will be recorded.

ffwedDoes this count?

It’s my thing, so yes.

It was arguably the first crossover in comics, bringing in all the different characters, for, most importantly, an event with lasting repercussions.

IDEA- This was amazing and really upped the ante for comicbook storytelling. 5/5

PERMANENCE- They have had ups and downs, but this was never retconned away. 5/5

EXECUTION- Jack Kirby. 5/5

CONTINUITY- This marriage is a huge part of the Marvel U and has been referenced many times. 5/5

20/20. 100% Perfect Score. What were you expecting?

Roll vs Role: Interesting Charismatic Results

Screenshot 2017-11-13 08.50.09.png

Players argue that specific games encourage roleplaying. Often, these games, in my opinion, do not. Some games go so far as to provide very granular results based on what a roll was, 15+ indicates….

Thus, a character, in a roleplaying situation (talking to another character, presumably an NPC), can make a check, roll a die, and the result indicates success or failure.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 08.50.27You might think, judging by my language, I am being dismissive of this.

You would be wrong. Sort of.

I like games with interesting results, as they allow a GM lots of wiggle room.

More to the point, if players want to hold onto these check results, only prying the text from the gamebook from their cold, dead hands, reading it as gospel, does it work both ways?

Screenshot 2017-11-13 08.50.36

Are PCs subject to this lack of agency?

Screenshot 2017-11-13 08.50.51


The New d20!

D&D 3.x was nearing the end of profitability, but then Pathfinder put on vinyl siding, didn’t push the game design, and they are now in the business of making money.

Most of the d20 hype and supplements have concluded. Some games that were derived from d20 (M&M) live on, but it was a thing, and it ran the course. Many publishers were created specifically to publish d20 material, it was all the rage.

And then it died.

Or became Pathfinder.

And there was and is FATE.

And now? Now, we have PbtA, or AWE, or whatever it is called. Indie game design is filled with games derived from D. Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World. Or FATE. Or variations of Avery Alder’s incredible game designs.

This too shall end.

Designers will move on.

These are wonderful tools, but push yourselves.

I strongly believe that neither d20, PbtA, FATE, GUMSHOE, nor any other system that allows for open-source is all that.

Excite with new games. excite with innovative mechanics.

I roamed the Dealer’s Hall at GenCon and came away with very little. I picked up many games and flipped through them, only to shrug and put them back. It wasn’t that there were not games that didn’t appeal to me, rather, none of them made me excited to see what the designer had done.

I want to see a beautiful mess of a game more than I want to see how someone tweaked PbtA to work for their genre.

d20 games all have a similar feel in relation how the gameplay is. This is not something up for debate.

PbtA games suffer from the same thing.



Familiarity is a wonderful thing, and there is not one designer out there who owes it to anyone to do something I would consider innovative or exciting. But, if the gameplay of your game is innovative and exciting, that is something to be proud of.


Imagine If: Dr. Strange, Release Date 1970

Imagine if Hollywood had released tent-pole comic-book movies starring their iconic characters around the time of the source material’s release date. For the purposes of this experiment, we will say that a movie would be released 5 years after the introduction of the character, and only movies that have been made would be made.

1970 was an interesting time in Hollywood, and Dr. Strange was an interesting title. Altman and Kubrick were doing fascinating things as directors, and producers wanted to make a movie worthy of the subject matter.

primary_EB19670409PEOPLE704090301ARDr. Strange- Alan Arkin

Intense, quirky, counterculture, and a critically acclaimed.



Photos of Donald Sutherland and His Family in 1970 by Co Rentmeester (1)


Baron Mordo- Donald Sutherland

As intense and quirky and counterculture as any actor working at the time.




Burt Kwouk 'The Saint' (1968) 6.8Wong- Burt Kwouk

He was not as well-known as he would be in some alternate universe where he portrayed Cato in the Pink Panther films, but had made one appearance, and Arkin of course had portrayed the bumbling Inspector in a different film.




Keye_Luke_Master_Po_Kung_FuThe Ancient One- Keye Luke

Well known Chinese-American actor.











Crossover Catalog: Blackest Night

Crossover Catalog seeks to examine crossover events of the big two, grading them on their Idea, Permanence, Execution, and Continuity. The IPEC scale and subsequent score will be recorded.

Focused on the Green Lantern characters, but affecting all of the DCU, Blackest Night focused on the dead characters. Several years prior, DC had developed the emotional spectrum of ring-wielders, Orange, Blue, Red, etc… There were even cool giveaway rings.

Hal_Jordan_022IDEA– I am not a GL fan, but I loved the rings, and I loved the ideas behind the different ring colors. The Black lantern bringing back dead characters was a neat idea. 4/5

PERMANENCE– Following Blackest Day was Brightest Day, but then in a move unforseen by many, including, rumor has it, writers and artists working for DC, there was Flashpoint and the NEW 52, so, I have to give this one an NA, and will not count it in the final scoring.

EXECUTION– Geoff Johns is good storyteller, and Ivan Reis’ art was astounding. 5/5

CONTINUITY– Lots of tie-in books, this had just the right effect on the DCU. 5/5

This one gets a 14/15, or 93%, a solid A!