Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 12/13

OCT170961Runaways #4

I am enjoying the Runaways TV series. Any quibbles I might have are minor, but as I watch, I am reminded how amazing the original story arcs and premise of this book was. One of the most original, innovative, interesting stories in the Big Two in quite some time, the way it interacted with the rest of the MU, and the ways it didn’t interact were all great. The reveals were astounding.

And then…. it went sideways. It went downhill. And it became one of those titles I read just to see it through, but the charm was gone. The excitement was gone. I would have to go back and read specifically, but I think when Vaughn left and Whedon took over is when it went downhill.

Molly_Hayes_(Earth-13729)_0001Volume 3 I read out of obligation.

When this most recent iteration started, it pulled me in. But, this most recent issue. Meh. The ending had a nice moment, but Anka’s art feels flat and not right for the series. I want to love you again, and will continue reading, but, for right now, this gets a WOE! But, because I can, I share the following, one of my favorite bits from recent Marvel stuff.

Future Molly is the best!



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