Comic Covers Week 5

Comic Covers looks at comic book covers and give a brief examination of them through the years.


All-American Comics #16, 1940.

Introducing Green Lantern! Wood is his enemy! Where is the mobster standing?

The Pull List, Release Date 1/31

nov170943Invincible Iron Man 596

Doom is trapped in a hell of his own making, Riri makes a huge choice for the future and the mystery of Tony Stark begins to reveal itself – and it’s a shocker! Who is behind Iron Man’s amazing resurrection, and is this the Tony we all know and love?

Will I continue to read Iron Man after BMB leaves? I might try an issue ortwo, but my gut is saying no. I like Riri, I love Doom, and again, I really just want the announcement of what BMB will be doing for DC!


What Happens Next: Killing Hitler

If you are looking for a Nazi-killing double feature, I would suggest Inglorious Basterds and Valkyrie.



But Hitler likely didn’t have many HP. Why was it so difficult? More to the point, when in a room with Hitler, a player might want to speak to him. And if they do, the question they should fear is: What Happens Next? What was it like being in the same room?

It’s not a simple Diplomacy roll. It’s not a simple To-Hit roll.


What Happens Next?

You might want to try out Black Orchestra first, a fun, if frustrating, board game experience.




RPG Saturday: Spirit of 77

corebook-470x608Spirit of 77 is one of the more interesting, compelling, and innovative applications of PbtA I have seen.

The basic premise is a gonzo world of the 1977s. Pick a Role and Story and make a character.

For purposes of this blog entry, I made Freedom Dragon, a Kung-Fu Rocker seeking Inner Peace through musical enlightenment.

What I like: The flavor, the character options, and the way dice are handled, with the potential to add positive and negative dice to a roll.

My concerns: like many PbtA it seems well suited for short-term play, and I wonder how it would play out over a longer story and campaign.

No matter what, it would be fun, of this I have no doubt.

The cats at Monkeyfun are having a great time making games, and it shows.



Friday Refresh: The Black Hole

open-uri20150422-12561-y7xg6j_d3cece5bA spaceship journeys into a black hole only to discover another ship, with a brilliant scientist aboard who has turned the human crew into lobotomized robots.

Or something like that.

The core concept of The Black Hole, and even some of the imagery used within it were not at all Star Wars like, and were in fact surreal and terrifying.

I would love to see them reboot this idea, make it mature and adult, remove the Slim Pickens robot, maybe use Bill Irwin instead.

Tarantino, Soderbergh, Nolan, Duncan Jones…. all would do a great job, I am certain!

Wow or Woe, Release Date 1/24

nov170215Raven: Daughter of Darkness #1

MicroRant: DC continues to have mini-struggles, and inconsistent messaging, rebirth returns many of the characters DC fans loved, but they are all inexplicably younger, and not in ways that relate to one another, case in point… Raven, who used to be peers with DickRobin, but is now a high schooler. Thanks Flashpoint. And, with all these New52 styled new titles coming led by Didio while GJohns throws shade the way of Bendis and craps on the Watchmen (not that I care), they are still doing better than Marvel… Thanks Axel.

End of Rant. Marv Wolfman is writing this 12 Issue mini, I enjoyed Issue #1 well enough to give it a WOW!