13 for 13: The 13th Age of Dragonlance

category19796On the 13th day of each of the 13 months, we will bring you some content and ideas for 13th Age, our absolute favorite D&Derivative game.

Dragonlance folks will jump on my use of the ages of Dragonlance, to them I apologize and ask for forgiveness.

I have long thought it would be an awesome campaign to re-play the Dragonlance Sage without telling the players about it, and having it be brand new. I don’t think it would be too difficult, but I think I would change the way Icons work slightly, and more to the point, create Icons appropriate for the setting in a different way.

Icon dice would be rolled at the end of each session, allowing the GM time to plan.

The Icons would not so much be All-Powerful semi-deities, rather they would be NPCs and organizations of significance, who serve to enrich and complicate the lives of the PCs Using the original trilogy and those characters, here are the Icons I would use:

  • Kitiara- 1/2 sister to a PC(s), and lover for another
  • Knights of Solamnia- specific characters would interact with any character with a connection to the Knights
  • Wizards of High Sorcery- any magic using character would have interactions, good and bad, with this organization
  • The Silvanesti Elves- as with the Knights, specific characters could pull elvish characters in different directions
  • Qualinesti Elves- as above
  • The Everman
  • Gully Dwarves- I include them, as I think they could bring some of the strange levity that was definitively a part of the Sagas, and like the idea of them showing up at random times to assist the heroes
  • Astinus of Palanthas- a necessary foil and wonderful way to bring in the Library of Palanthas
  • Dragon Emperor Ariakas- might he have a past relationship with a PC, or might he just be eeeeeevilllll?
  • Lord Soth- of course
  • Kingpriest of Istar- seemingly good, but perhaps unable to see a different POV
  • Laurana- I struggled with this, as she is likely a PC, but is far more interesting as an NPC
  • Kender something or other- it could be finding out a piece of equipment is missing, or that you have just the right thing

I would argue, and have, that Tanis is a ranger and Riverwind a Barbarian. I think the most complicated piece of this would be the magic, both clerical and the various colored robes and how they worked, but with that said, I really like the idea of the NPCs being the Icons and complicating and assisting the players in their adventures. I would probably use the archetypes in the most recent DL modules: Prophet, Leader, Rogue, Sage, etc… and I would want the Icons to come into play organically which might require some retcon roleplay (where a character is introduced and the GM explains their connection to the characters. this only works if the players accept it and trust the GM). Retcon roleplay would allow for the Kitiara level reveal.

If I can ever get a steady group together, this is one of the things I want to do.



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