RPG Saturday, Enforcers

0054_001.jpgA product of the time…. that time was 1987!

ENFORCERS, the easiest, fastest, most flexible super-power role-playing game.

(A super-powered science fiction role-playing game).

Picked this one up in the used bin because I love supers RPGS.

I think they were comparing it to Marvel, V+V, and Champions.

Given the blank slate of create any character, I figured I would go with….


Whisper, The Mute Darkness Controlling Teleporter

0055_001I am not sure what they mean by easy or flexible. It didn’t take too long to make a character, however.

There are tables ala V+V, a more streamlined list of powers, a whole subset of rules for court cases… wheee!

This game actually went through two “editions” (one had an errata sheet added). I have to admit, as cheesy as the cover is, and ridiculous (why are they all flying facing up, perfectly horizontal?) I enjoy it. The main artist was a prominent Champions artist, from what I gather.

I stopped calculating values, as they seemed to be getting crazy, and frankly, it was not easy, nor fun, nor intuitive.

As much a hyperbolic hot-mess this was, I would play it. I would play it to see how it played, and then to make a super cool competent character.


Friday Refresh, Katy Keene

America’s Queen of Pin-Ups and Fashions!

Paper-Dolls, reader-submitted ideas, this comic has had it all, and can again!

in 2005, Archie reintroduced the character as a high school student and aspiring model, let’s go one step beyond, embracing reality TV, Project Runway, the current slate of Archie comics, and maybe even some Goldie Gold and Action Jack.

Katy Keene is a supermodel/ fashion designer/ secret agent!

Make it more mature, but don’t go too far, get awesome artists and writers.



Wow or Woe, Release Date 3/28

jan180970Jessica Jones #18

After iconic and definitive work at Marvel, John Byrne departed Marvel for DC. Although his work on X-Men was primarily as an artist, he had significant experience as a writer, and his move to DC saw him oversee significant runs on some major and minor properties. John Byrne would be on my Rushmore of creators, this is a fact.

After defining much of Marvel for over a decade, Bendis will soon be starting his time at DC, and like Byrne, his first project will be overseeing Superman.

Jessica Jones is one of my favorite comic characters. In this issue, Bendis hints at a new DC title Pearl, which I am sure I will pick-up.

Will he have a DC Jessica Jones? As Soderbergh did with Logan Lucky, can Bendis do something similar while making it different (the Ocean‘s films).

In an alternate universe, Bendis’ Jessica Jones was Peeg.

(Also, this standalone issue gets a WOW!)


Friday Refresh, Bard’s Tale

Bard's_Tale_Box_CoverYes, i am aware that there is an upcoming game that was kickstarted.

But, I don’t want or need awesome graphics. The device I carry on me every day has more than enough memory and graphics to run the original 3 games.

Games used to be about more than graphics.

Make a party of D&D like characters and explore, level-up, etc.


Instead of infinite variations on the Red Box and 1e rules, why not someone make this an app?