13 for 13th: Cyberpunk v13

category19796On the 13th day of each of the 13 months, we will bring you some content and ideas for 13th Age, our absolute favorite D&Derivative game.

It is the opinion of this humble columnist that CP2020 is the best Cyberpunk game, primarily because of the way cyberpsychosis is handled.

If I had more time, I would do a full-on conversion of the original game, instead, I will present to you this quick-and-dirty (an Internet term for QA) hack.

130d01da92a03e7e348aef2fa75670cbFirst, I will start with how to do cybernetics: Characters have an Empathy score equal to the sum of their stat bonuses for CON+WIS+CHA. Every 10 points of Humanity cost (see the CP2020 core book), the character loses 1 from their CHA modifier. If they have a 0 Empathy, they are done.

I thought long and hard about the Icons, and considered using various Corps, but thought I would provide the tools for you to make the Icons significant to your table. With the exception of the first Icon, instead of assigning each one to a specific individual, players will define them to a specific NPC in your world.

  • Saburo Arasaka
  • Cop
  • Corp
  • Crystaljock
  • Fixer
  • Max Tec Agent
  • Media
  • Netrunner
  • Nomad
  • Panzerboy
  • Rockerboy
  • Solo
  • Techie



Friday Refresh: Power Records

Listen to the record, read the comic… The action comes alive as you read.

I never had any, I had friends who did, and I recall some from a library, when I couldn’t get enough superheroes in any format.

1*BFglowsUbLZbtejToV_SyQNow, kids like youtube stars, but adults, they love podcasts. Given the high production cost of comics (art and printing), what if stories were told via podcast format, pay the voice talent and an engineer and sound person and the writer and give it a try. Obviously, they would need to be supplemented in some way (either for pay, or with ads), but given the downturn in comic book sales number but incredible interest in superheroes from the Big Two, I think a rebirth of Power Records with regular publishing could be a hit.

And then, add in GI Joe, Transformers, Jem (maybe with songs) and other properties….



What Happens Next, Consequences

U5drAxrtZdEu3hcv6LkShQ9NBkfqHL7_1680x8400Luke kills Vader, not caring he is his father.

What does a GM do next? This moment, of roleplaying, that you have worked towards, is now met with meh at best, hostility at worst.

You cannot or should not try and predict how players will react. You should plan for big moments, but also be prepared for what happens when players swerve.

RPG Saturday: Underworld

41vEmPGa32L._BO1,204,203,200_Boy, do I love so, so much about this game. So much so, that it was part of why I designed Strong Island. It’s kind of a wonderful hot mess, and I wish there was a 2nd Edition, heck, I’d be happy to oversee one.

I made a Nomad Bravo, not because of the innate coolness of being able to be an immortal warrior, but because I really liked Clayton Graham’s art.

Name: Ronan (he just remembers it, is unsure how or why)

TRAITS: Fearless, Perceptive, Shrewd.

SKILLS: Fighting, Survival

ABILITIES: Immortality, Battlecraft

CHARMS: Brass Knuckles, Free Ride


Friday Refresh: (Miami) Vice

This show oozed style, and the drama and storytelling were top-notch as well.

Here is my pitch, each season follows a 13 episode arc in one city, overseen by a different executive producer. Promise us style, mystery, drama, etc. Follow the lead of shows like Fargo and True Detective.

Vice had it’s share of spin-offs and copycats, none of which were really successful.

I enjoyed the film, but, like Blade Runner without the voiceover, Miami Vice without a compelling need-to-buy-it-right-away soundtrack and score missed the point.


And, bring on the inclusivity: Laverne Cox stars in the first season, because she can bring the style and substance, and The Trustee did not get picked up by ABC.