Friday Refresh, Queen of the Spiders

For the month of Guly, celebratinj the birth of the most significant figure in jaminj, we will focus of items related to the original Dunjeon Master, Gary Gygax.

There are rumors of a new D&D movie, I will not only believe it when I see it, but given the quality of the previous incarnations……

queenThe supermodule referred to as Queen of Spiders, which covers Against the Giants, Descent Into the Depths of the Earth, Vault of the Drow, and Queen of the Demonweb Pits starts with characters facing off against giants (Hill, Frost, Fire), and then heading underground and finally to another plane facing off against a godlike entity.

1- This should be done as an epic mega-adventure, but instead of just re-statting the monsters, reimagine the whole adventure and flesh it out, akin to the Margaret Weis Dragonlance trilogy of books detailing and reimagining the iconic campaign.

pic11216062- If one was looking for a longform TV series, or even trilogy of epic fantasy films, could one do any better than this? The Escher-like Demonweb could be amazing on screen!

Because this was a 1st Edition release it is alternately defined broadly and vaguely as well as very specific, and certainly could be fleshed out more.



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