Friday Refresh, Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

I can’t lie and tell you that the original series did not have issues.

HOWEVER… the idea is really solid, and with an all female teen, a book accessible to pre-teens, but with enough fun and depth for all-ages (read adults), I think this could be a valuable franchise for DC.


Wow or Woe, Release Date 8/29

jun1806361Rick and Morty vs D&D #1

This was a week late, but who cares.

This gets a WOW because it hit all the notes it should hit and got everything right, unlike, say the D&D Community episode.



What Happens Next, Walking A Mile

Ask an actor what their dream role would be? Hamlet? Personally, I find Richard II more interesting. But, I would bet they have an answer.

I was part of a discussion about favorite superhero to play in an RPG. One person said they only like playing their own character. I believe there is much fun to be had in taking on a pre-established character, be it a super-hero or some other fictional character.

Then, the question of what would character X do in a certain situation is up to you.

Ask a comicbook writer the same question- what characters would they like to write, and chances are they will have an answer. Playing around in the skin of a character established can be quite fun, drawing on past events, as well as making your own choices.

13 for 13th: Eberron

category19796On the 13th day of each of the 13 months, we will bring you some content and ideas for 13th Age, our absolute favorite D&Derivative game.

Keith Baker’s Eberron was one of the most interesting, innovative, and evocative fantasy settings ever. I ran a relatively long-term game in the setting and also played in one.

I would pay money for a 13th Age version of the game.

Instead, I will give you a quick freebie.

61i2bm68uTL._SX383_BO1,204,203,200_If a character is Dragonmarked, their house (one of 13, not coincidentally) might well be one of their Icons. This is not to say that they could not also have a relationship with a different house.

  • Dragonmarked houses
  • Dragons of The Chamber
  • Queen Aurala
  • King Boranel
  • Korranberg Chronicle
  • Lhesh Haruuc
  • Lords of Dust
  • Daughters of Sora Kell
  • Kaius
  • Vol
  • Lord of Blades
  • Lathon Halpum
  • Keeper of the Flame

Friday Refresh, 50 State Initiative

A long-time ago, Marvel had this in-canon idea of each state having their own secret team. We saw glimpses of some of these teams in various books. I think they really missed out on a great opportunity here. Weekly series, each detailing a different team, runs for a year (52 issues plus annual) detailing a Puerto Rico team, a DC team, and obviously a NYC team (this would be the annual). I have ideas for some of the teams, and I may at some point do a much longer post detailing this idea, but i think it really could have been good fun.