Comic Covers, Week 44

Comic Covers looks at comic book covers and give a brief examination of them through the years.


If you had to pick only 3 of these, based on the covers, which ones would you pick?


What Happens Next, When Trapped

At the start of the scenario, we were locked in a room, with no equipment. Outside the room stood an armed guard.

We were expected to overpower him and escape.

None of us wanted to die, so we spent a really long time trying to figure out how not to do. We found a knife, but none of us had Proficiency: Knife, and Proficiency: Sword didnt count

But later, when I made s super-critically successful Charisma check, nothing happened, because the plot must go on, in spite of the rules and the rolls.

Pick a side of the fence and stay on it, are we playing a game where the quibble between knife and sword proficiency is legit, or are we playing a game where we should ignore rules and logic?

RPG Saturday: Cartoon Action Hour

509408-nine_rings_wu_tangThe Wu-Tang Clan as a Saturday Morning Cartoon?

If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed it myself.

Inspired by the comic, I ran this at GenCon. I present to you, ODB!

In the game, ODB ending up dying, and coming back to life, because, of course that is what happened.

I could only imagine if this was a real cartoon, with live-action bumpers featuring members of the Wu.

How amazing would that be?

RZA, get in touch with me, let’s make this happen.



Screenshot 2018-09-24 14.30.28