Friday Refresh, Fastlane

This was a fun show, the spiritual successor to Miami Vice, but with a more fun attitude, but that is not to say there was not darkness. The series culminated with a very grim cliffhanger. The premise was two cops who had access to all the goods confiscated in police raids. Blah blah blah.

Now we are stuck with the Chicago, the NCIS, the L&O, and all the other boring franchises.


What Happens Next, Exponential Karmic Math

I recently sat on a game design panel with a designer who is making a living in the game design industry. When asked what are some of our favorite mechanics, he cited the karma system in the Marvel FASERIP system (DC MEGS uses a similar system). Even as a young nerd, I knew the Karma system was horribly flawed.


Because higher powered characters will have to use Karma less frequently, and thus be able to translate it to XP more readily.

Maybe it is a success, maybe this is the first 1% system, designed to keep the powerful powerful, while the little guy perpetually struggles to keep up.


RPG Saturday, Rotted Capes

US_1_Vol_1_1.jpgThe premise of this game is a compelling one, D-List Superheroes must fight Zombies, some of who are the former A-List heroes.

I have some issues with the game, primarily, that there is not really anything making the game about B-List heroes, except for the power levels and amount of points to spend at character creation.

Putting that aside, when I think underloved B-List characters, I think, of course of one of my favorites:


So, I am going to try and do my best version of him for the Rotted Capes system.

So, a small confession, this took me much longer than I would have liked, and with no small amount of frustration. The character creation system is very standard superhero crunchy and obtuse. Additionally, the skills system is one where players must choose specialties for many of the skills, and in my experience, this never turns out well. Because of this, I have not assigned my specialties, but I can give you an idea of my character.

TAGLINE: Comin’ At Ya

Type: Tech Controller

Might 4; Prowess 4; Quickness 6; Vigor 5; Charisma 3; Insight 4; Logic 6; Resolve 6

Skill Bundles: Academic, Engineer, Mechanic, Computer Tech

Advantages: Gearhead, Vehicular Combat (frustrating that on page 73, at the beginning of the gear chapter, there is a pic of a big rig when but no real rules for having a vehicle as gear).

Powers: Sixth Sense (Cybernetic Implant): 1; Wireless (Implant) 1

Skills: Academic (choose) 3; Engineering (Choose) 3; Engineering (choose) 3; Science (Physics or Chemistry) 2; Technology (choose) 3; Academics (choose) 3; Athletics 4; Linguistics 2; Science (choose) 2; Technology (choose) 2; Drive 4 (+1)(+2 combat); Engineering (Automobile) 3; Technology (Basic) 2; Technology (Programming) 2; Engineering (Computer) 3; Engineering (Programming) 3; Melee 2; Pilot 1; Scavenge 1

i wish there was more flavor mechanically about being a B-lister, instead, it seems to be that they have less points to spend on their characters.




Friday Refresh, Midnight

massive-midnight-rpg-16-item-set-d20_1_3d433956c2d018fb5540833f5604bed5The d20 OGL saw the release of many products.

Some of them were really cool.

Midnight was one of them.

Midnight was an original setting, low-magic, that asked the question “what if not-Sauron won?”

Because it does away with many of the tropes of standard dungeon fantasy (magic, healing, magic items) would it work with current D&D? What about Genesys? I’ll be honest, part of the charm and appeal was using D&Derivative as the core engine, but no matter the case, it deserves another shot.