Comic Covers: The Charcoal Age

Comic Covers looks at comic book covers and give a brief examination of them through the years.

Ending this series, we are going to suggest that we are currently in the Charcoal Age of comics, defined by two things: constant reboots, and renumberings, and the extensive use of Black and Red. 2011 marked the beginning of the New 52, when DC rebooted, yet again, but even though readers claim Rebirth restored some of what was lost, in reality, it marked the end of so much continuity: Babs no longer being Oracle is what I will hang my hat on. Charcoal is wood that has been burned that will burn again, like a Phoenix. As both the Big Two continue to do hard and soft reboots, and restart their series with #1s, and then abandon this, and introduce new legacy characters, and then take them away, we are in an era of the blip cycle of stories.

You read it here first.

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