RPG Saturday, 13th Age BAMF Part 2

0101_001Damien’s partner in shenanigans was none other than Uyag Gnarlfist, 1/2 giant gladiatorial champion and prankster.

Uyag would be a straight up fighter, but there is so much more to him than just that.

Uyag, is, of course his name, but it is an insult. From the Mountain Giant tongue it literally translates to half-man. It also sounds awesome when chanted in the gladiatorial arena: UUUUUU-YAG!

He’s  a straight up heavy weapon beast, and his talents would reflect this. But, his backgrounds:

  • I am not as think, as you think I dumb I am, I remain Uyag (Uyag has a penchant for haiku, and folks very often mistook him for stupid given his primitive way of speaking)
  • Surprisingly sneaky
  • Gladiatorial Champion
  • Uyag grow up in mountains, very tough, not barbaric, that is very rude, rather we embraced a simpler lifestyle, but yes, I can….

As long as he could kick ass, I know he would be fun to play, or rather, fun to team up with.

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