The Pull List, Release Date 3/14

718522_d95015418ad907a93233580c995121643746ebbf.jpgNew Mutants: Dead Souls

I will give this one a shot.

The alternate cover featuring the original New Mutants had me more excited, the description doesn’t really mention them, so I’m not particularly hopeful.




What Happens Next, Competitive Play.

When explaining RPGs to friends and family who scratch their heads, often we explain that there are no winners and losers.


Many GMs absolutely operate on the mind-set of trying to beat the players, and many players are all about beating the GM.

How about, instead of making it a pissing contest, we all spectate as we all do awesome things?

Use the rules, absolutely, but embrace them in a collaborative way.

This is not to say you cannot have adversaries and conflict, rather, it means that everyone is at the table to have fun.

I believe that competitive play is a very slippery slope, because the rules, and their interpretation, are not always as transparent as they need to be.

And, even if so… why? Who cares?

Go out into the world and be awesome.


13 for 13: A Round Table

category19796On the 13th day of each of the 13 months, we will bring you some content and ideas for 13th Age, our absolute favorite D&Derivative game.

One of the awesome things about 13th Age is how “skills” work, in this game, they are called Backgrounds, and more to the point, they allow characters of the same class to be drastically different. In one game I ran, one character was an Assassin-Paladin, mainly because all they needed was the Assassin Background, 13th Age does not concern itself so much with penalties for wearing armor and using Move Silently.

So, what about a game where many of the characters were the same class, or a small selection of classes, and even more to the point, classes with options limited, for campaign flavor.

In this case, experiencing a King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, most of the characters would likely be paladins, and more, they would not have access to Cleric Training, and possibly Lay on Hands. Backgrounds would allow the characters to be different as well. Magic items don’t need to be prevalent.

arthur_round_tableBut, because this is a roleplaying game, players might want to roleplay. And, you might think I will know delve deep and list 13 Arthurian Icons, Merlin, Arthur, Galahad, Morgan, etc.


Instead, in a circumstance of incredible synergy, I am detailing 13 Personality Trait Groupings, and declaring that characters should use these are their Icons, choosing one of each Trait (Chaste or Lustful, for example) for a positive or negative, or if conflicted for a character who is conflicted.

I would suggest sticking with 3 points, lest campaigns become too weighted down in having to pay heed to these Iconic Personality Traits.  Or perhaps, allow each player 6 points, but allow them to distribute those points among only 3 Personality Groupings.

So, my knight is Merciful/Cruel conflicted 1, Reckless 2, Valorous 3. The Knights were often paragons and exemplars of specific virtues, your 13th Age Knightly game can now be the same.

At the end of each session (using the end of session rules on p.179) I roll, and the GM has plot seeds for my knight, incorporating these personal dilemmas with greater story arcs.

  • Chaste/ Lustful
  • Energetic/ Lazy
  • Forgiving/ Vengeful
  • Generous/ Selfish
  • Honest/ Deceitful
  • Just/ Arbitrary
  • Merciful/ Cruel
  • Modest/ Proud
  • Pious/ Worldly
  • Prudent/ Reckless
  • Temperate/ Indulgent
  • Trusting/ Suspicious
  • Valorous/ Cowardly


Friday Refresh, Misfits of Science

Two things that are big right now: television remakes and the 80s.

Add in the CW and all the supers shows doing well, why wouldn’t a network want to take a chance on the Misfits of Science?

And maybe Archie Comics would want to pick up the series for a comicbook tie-in.

I think the audience is there, and Courtney Cox might even make a cameo.

Embrace the 80s. Embrace the meta. Embrace the Misfits!



What Happens Next, My Name Is…

8093_lThe party is in town, getting their fill of mutton and mead, and a grimy traveler approaches their table.

He points at one of the PCs “My name is Glitch Grietnek, you killed my wife and child, my family, my tribe, I challenge you to a one on one honor duel.” he growls in broken common.

Of course, Glitch is a lowly goblin, the one who ran away during that encounter several sessions ago. He is pointing at the mage who cast the fireball that destroyed the tribe.

Do the PCs laugh off this inconsequential nuisance? Will the mage accept the offer?

What happens next?

This isn’t necessarily a morality question, make the goblins evil, that is fine. But what happens when the PCs are not the hero of a story?

This is a ROLEPLAYING game after all.