Imagine If, Aquaman Release Date 1972

Imagine if Hollywood had released tent-pole comic-book movies starring their iconic characters around the time of the source material’s release date. For the purposes of this experiment, we will say that a movie would be released 5 years after the introduction of the character, and only movies that have been made would be made.

In the 8 years since their last film, Marvel had released 13 films, leaving DC scrambling to find a franchise. Who better than the King of 3/4s of the Earth’s surface? DC for some odd reason hoped to recapture a certain aesthetic, mainly that of the Beach Party films. It has become a cult classic.

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AQUAMAN- Fabian Forte

One of the stars of the Beach films, of course.

MERA- Deborah Whalley

Another vet of the Beach party scene.

OCEAN MASTER- Sean Connery

His run as 007 was nearing an end, and he wanted to broaden his appeal and range.

BLACK MANTA- Yaphet Kotto

6’3″ Kotto was an imposing presence.

The soundtrack was performed by Dick Dale, of course.


Wow or Woe, Release Date 12/19

OCT181578Die, Kitty, Die: Heaven and Hell #3

This is a great character and super fun book. I wish one of the Big Two would sign these creators up to do a mainstream book, something fun, silly, meta, and sexy. Titans? Powergirl? She-Hulk?

That said, I wish this series was coming out monthly as well!


Comic Covers, Controversy

Comic Covers looks at comic book covers and give a brief examination of them through the years.


From L to R, Top to Bottom:

  1. When you hire an artist known for porny pictures, and he delivers a porny picture.
  2. What better way to celebrate Joker Month than paying homage to that time Joker raped and crippled Babs. Fun times.
  3. Canonically Goblin Queen has underboob (see left cover), but maybe this is a bit too much?

13 for 13th: The 14th Age

category19796What I really like about 13th Age is my ability to run it without having to do a ton of reading. I don’t know much about the implied setting of the various ages, etc.

What I do know is that because the game is about Larger Than Life Unique heroes, it only seems natural to me to move from the 13th Age to the 14th Age.

When we all fell in love with the game and played an abbreviated campaign, at 10th Level, I worked towards the PCs replacing the current Icons, sometimes the reveal of course was that were the Icons this whole time, in others the mantle of Icon was passed willingly, from Icon to lover, etc.

In this way, the campaign changes, and moves to the next generation of heroes.

Of course, you need to make this final level worth of adventuring mind-blowingly epic.


Wow or Woe, Release Date 12/12

jul189196The Magic Order

Mark Millar signed some sort of deal with Netflix, I guess. The end result is comics, which are things I like. This is about a group of wizards practicing magic in our world, beyond the veil of reality, or some such. When this series os over, I will definitely want to go back and read it again, to pick up on all the stuff I am sure I missed.

But right now, this gets a WOW!