Bring That Holiday Beat Back


A holiday mashup playlist!

There’s a world outside your window

It’s a world of dread and fear

Used to be friends but now we’re foes

Ask me why, man, no one knows

This mess we in,

They don’t ever really talk about it

But tonight, you are my friend,

I never knew it ’til then

You hold my hand,

You might not say a word

But I see your tears when I show my pain

Though the world is flawed

These scars will heal

We are one, tonight!

Peace and Love to All!



Best of Bootie, BTBB

Check out the Best of Bootie mixes for some holiday travel listening.

Here are some of my favorites, along with their BTBB Sectors:

The AM meets Urbania

The AM and Mt. Rock.

Urbania/ Mt. Rock/ Isle Neon

Isle Neon in Urbania

Mt. Rock on The AM

Isle Neon and Mt. Rock

Mt. Rock via Urbania

Mt. Rock and the AM in Urbania

Heartland in Urbania

“Put the needle on the record

Throw your hands in the air

Stand up for your rights

And Fight the Powers That Be!”



Bring That Beat Back: Playlist

Find me at GenCon, I might have an ashcan copy of BTBB, and will be happy to put one in your hands.

And, as you think about DJs bringing light, and standing up against all the bullshit around us, a playlist.