Shameless Self Promotion: Cold Sleep

Here is a Dance ‘Til Dawn Scenario and Playlist I call Cold Sleep:

Yes, you were born here. But your parents were not. They, of course, come from the motherland. Now, it all comes down to this. Everything you have worked for. Tonight is the night you kill the President.

It is 27 songs long, thus three acts of 9 songs each, and is 1 Hour and 48 minutes, so in the span of 2 hours you can have a great time with friends.


Shameless Self Promotion, NM&SS Meets Kiss

Four of the smartest guys who ever lived.

What about KISS as a Sprite?


HEART: d10


HOPE: d8

WILD CARD: d12 (Rocking and Rolling All Night and Every Day)

Watch the movie again. The movie is all about KISS as Sprites!