Shameless Self Promotion, DTD 12″

When playing DTD, one of the things that can prove challenging is staying true to the immersive quiet nature of it, while flexing one’s creativity.

If, like me, you prepopulate your playlists for Scenarios, might I suggest the following. Write down some of the names of the artists, as well as any significant locations, details, etc that could prove to be inspirational. So, if a person is looking for a name, allow if come to them organically, or perhaps even hand out the names and details (album name, etc) with each song, quietly, allowing the players to be inspired.

As an example, some details from several songs in a playlist:

  1. Robert James Smith, Simon Gallup, Matthieu Hartley, Laurence Andrew “Lol” Tolhurst, Seventeen Seconds
  2. Ian Burden, Jo Callis, Joanne Catherall, Philip Oakley, Susan Ann Sulley, Philip Adrian Wright, Dare, the album famed rock critic Lester Bangs was listening to when he died from an overdose.
  3. Polly Jean Harvey, PJ, Flood

And, one does not have to use the names and detail as they are exactly; be inspired. Robert might be Bobbie, Seventeen Seconds might become an integral part of the story, etc.

In an early draft of Dance ‘Til Dawn, this was a major part of game play, if a player needed a name or location, the DJ provided one from details of the song. It, obviously, proved very cumbersome, but I think the idea has some merit as prompt assistance.



Shameless Self-Promotion: Fishscale

For this year’s Game Chef, I struggled, but came up with something I am proud of.

Here is the character sheet.

With blunt as one of the ingredients, I had this idea of teenage drugdealers. With sheepskin as a synonym for a diploma, well, now the game started to have some heart, so what started as a game title derived from a Ghostface Killah song, turned into more.

Fishscale is a game about the lies these teenage drugdealers tell themselves and others in order to survive, and how these lies become truths, and how the truth becomes lost is the sticky-green haze. These teenagers are looking to get into the best colleges, and the GM serves as admission counselor as the game session draws to a conclusion.

Here is a playlist.





Shameless Self Promotion: Cold Sleep

Here is a Dance ‘Til Dawn Scenario and Playlist I call Cold Sleep:

Yes, you were born here. But your parents were not. They, of course, come from the motherland. Now, it all comes down to this. Everything you have worked for. Tonight is the night you kill the President.

It is 27 songs long, thus three acts of 9 songs each, and is 1 Hour and 48 minutes, so in the span of 2 hours you can have a great time with friends.