Friday Refresh, The 50 State Initiative

700543This Marvel idea sprung out from Civil War and Secret Invasion.

The idea was that each state would have a dedicated superhero team.

Given that Marvel seems intent of late to copy DC’s ideas, I would offer this. Bring back the 50 State Initiative, and launch it as a weekly title, with 52 issues.

An additional team for Puerto Rico, and a dedicated team for NYC or a nationwide team.

I would like to offer up Team America/ The Thunderriders for one of the states.



Friday Refresh, Sovereign Stone

5147Z5SAYWLA setting fleshed out by Weis&Hickman, featuring Elmore art. Did it change the game? No. Were seafaring orcs (descended from orcas) revolutionary? No. Was there a trilogy of books? Yes. Were they are memorable as that other series? No.

But, there were some interesting ideas here. The original release had a signature system, that had some interesting ideas, but was a bit clunky, and was rushed out. But, there was a neat idea for magic, and I think a fully-developed re-release, not just a money grab, maybe for 13th Age, or maybe with a proprietary system, would be great.

Why do I say this?

One race was pacifists, and I am a firm believer in games that can make non-combat interesting, so I would like to see them do this, and do it right.

Friday Refresh, Fastlane

This was a fun show, the spiritual successor to Miami Vice, but with a more fun attitude, but that is not to say there was not darkness. The series culminated with a very grim cliffhanger. The premise was two cops who had access to all the goods confiscated in police raids. Blah blah blah.

Now we are stuck with the Chicago, the NCIS, the L&O, and all the other boring franchises.


Friday Refresh, Midnight

massive-midnight-rpg-16-item-set-d20_1_3d433956c2d018fb5540833f5604bed5The d20 OGL saw the release of many products.

Some of them were really cool.

Midnight was one of them.

Midnight was an original setting, low-magic, that asked the question “what if not-Sauron won?”

Because it does away with many of the tropes of standard dungeon fantasy (magic, healing, magic items) would it work with current D&D? What about Genesys? I’ll be honest, part of the charm and appeal was using D&Derivative as the core engine, but no matter the case, it deserves another shot.


Friday Refresh, Vampire: The Masquerade

647So, the most recent, 5th Edition of this game has come under some severe criticism, from suggesting a neo-Nazi is a playable character to some real shitty anti-human rights stuff. The argument for is that this is a horror game, and I am sure the developers feel like they are being true to their in-game fiction. Developers and creators have come out and said they do not support such things, but also doubled down on the crumminess of everything.

I am not a long-time Vampire player, but, the game always seemed to me to be tragic and romantic.

If they want a game that is horror in nature, they shoudl not use sexy images of vampires, and talk about sexy and promote their dress, make it super-fucking gross and despicable, talk about an orange-skinned leader and all the lies he tells. Why not?

OR…. make a game that has some darkness, but that has some light. A game of tragedy. A game of tortured souls. Re-imagine the Brujah as antifa. They strongly need to move away from this current iteration.

Friday Refresh, Flashforward (TV)

Everyone on the planet loses consciousness for 137 seconds. While unconscious, characters witness events 6 months in the future.

Everyone except one person.

What is going on and why and how?

Following in the footsteps of Lost, Flashforward had several amazing moments. And then, the writer’s strike derailed it, and it never regained momentum. It was based on a novel, but these things often deviate in wonderful ways.

Friday Refresh, Power Pack

605925Oh, how I wish they would do something awesome with these characters. Here are the problems, and here is my pitch.

How old are the characters? Julie is/ was with the Runaways, and seems to be college age. I think we should stick with that and ignore the other ages. Given that Julie seems to be on her own, let’s say she is 19 or so, doing a gap year. This puts Alex around 21, presumably a senior or so in college. Jack is 17, and no doubt in high school, trying to be a BMOC. This puts Katie at 14, middle-school aged.

However, these are characters that have had superpowers for over half their lives. I would love to see a series like Byrne’s original Alpha Flight, showcasing the individual characters leading their individual lives, intersecting with each other and other teen characters in the Marvel U. Maybe have Franklin and Valeria as supporting characters. Tell fun, YA-style stories of these characters, I could see Katie being a mischievous trouble-maker, Jack as a bit of a jerk, but with a good heart, Katie we know about, and Alex maybe suffering what many college seniors suffer from, trying to figure out what is next.





Friday Refresh, Lone Star (TV)

ea3185c80c2ba812b672e86e72b527e8Another in the list of cancelled TV shows that need to return. Lone Star was a show that critics loved, but that never made it through the 5-6 episodes that were filmed. It starred James Wolk, who was absolutely the greatest thing about Mad Men, even though the final episode of that show fills me with so much rage. This show seemed to support my theory that he was (for a time) always playing the same character, in different settings, perhaps a time traveler:

Lone Star, Mad Men, The Crazy Ones, Billions, Goliath

Why can’t networks at least release these shows online for us to enjoy?