Vinyl Diving: Tom Dickie & The Desires: Competition

tomdickie_competitionThe second in my reporting on Vinyl Diving with my turntable owning friends. Find #1 was St. Paul, and find #2 was Tom Dickie & the Desires, Competition.

Information on St. Paul was there to be found, if one dug just a little.

Tom Dickie. Not so much.

Whatever happened to Mr. Dickie?

Can I do better than the above information?

It was rock, kind of generic, not bad at all, but not that memorable.

As of 2011, he was filmed making music in Boston still, not the band, the city.

Sadly, no real web presence.

Would I venture out to see him? Perhaps.

Should you venture out to find your own copy of this album.



Support Adam Warrock’s 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon!

This Saturday marks the second ever Adam Warrock 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon. The nerdcore rapper, famous for tunes like his Gravity Falls rap and his Browncoats Mixtape, took a moment to chat with me about the Rap-A-Thon and how fans can help him on Saturday and support a good cause in the process:

Acts of Geek: Let’s get the basics down: when is the Rap-A-Thon?

Adam Warrock: The Rap-A-Thon is October 18, or this Saturday.

AoG: How can people participate/support you?

AW: Well, they can watch me make and post as much music as I can in 24 hours by following me on twitter (@eugewarrock) or Facebook or my tumblr, where I’ll live-post everything.¬†They can support by emailing, and just telling me they want to pledge a per-song amount (optional maximum amount) or a lump sum donation. After the Rap-A-Thon sometime next week, I’ll have everyone go to Paypal and donate the money they pledged. A portion of proceeds will directly benefit RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence charity.

AoG: Excellent. What inspired you to do a second Rap-A-Thon?

AW: Well, the first one I did in 2012, after my equipment was stolen and I had nothing to make music with. I had to raise enough to buy a new laptop. And the excess money I donated to RAINN. So I’d always had it in my mind to do another one when I had enough time and raise more money for charity. I’m lucky enough to do music full-time, and it’s nice to use some of that good to do some good in the world. The stars aligned and it just came up to be now.

AoG: For people who don’t know, what does the Rap-A-Thon entail?

AW: I wake up and do a callsign (just mark my time), and from that point on, I write, record and release as much music as I can in 24 hours. Last time I did it in 2012, I made 16 songs in a day (I fell asleep around 3AM so maybe like 18 hours total). People pledge a per-song (or lump sum) amount and then after the Rap-A-Thon is over, people donate the money to me for whatever cause it’s for – this time being RAINN.

AoG: Do you have any plans for songs, or are you writing totally blind?

AW: I mean, I have ideas in my head that I’ve had for literally years. And I can’t stop ideas from dawning on me as I go about my day. But mostly it’s going into it blind.

AoG: Anything else people need to know about the Rap-A-Thon?

AW: There’s not a lot of other rappers who could make music like this, and do things like this, and I hope they enjoy the music and thanks for the support and supporting RAINN!

To support Adam Warrock (and hear some great tunes in the process), email, and pledge either a per-song amount (with an optional maximum amount) or a lump sum donation. Follow Adam Warrock’s 24 hours music making marathon on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr live this Saturday!