The Line In The Sand

Harassment in Hollywood has opened the floodgates, and even though the RPG industry is small, it does not seem immune to the level of ickiness that has run wild through Hollywood, and politics, and business, etc.

You can draw your own conclusions.

You can decide to support companies that gaslight victims. You can support groups of people who continue to count among their membership individuals with questionable histories.

You can decide to take a stand, or you can get outraged and do nothing.

Does the company who handled things poorly have some supplements coming out that you want? So, you know….

Personally, I have a line in the sand, about all of these things. I am going to do my best to believe victims, because not doing so seems to feed into this horrific bullshit that has gone on.

I am never going to say I am flawless, but, I am listening. I believe you.

I am going to no longer patronize companies, or groups, or individuals who have done shitty stuff.

Are you?


Plaid Skirt


Are games art?

Can they allow us, through artistic expression, to offer commentary?

Of course.

I came across Velvet Glove awhile back, and as much as I dig the concept, can the core of the game be hacked?

What about a clique instead of a gang?

At a prep school.

PlaidSkirt - Untitled Page(1)

Show up with this skin at a Velvet Glove game? Why the fuck not.



PreppiePunk: HP Academy

In addition to all the classics of the School Genre of fiction: Dead Poets Society, Catcher in the Rye, Gossip Girl, etc, there is a sub-genre that deal with malevolent and/or occult happenings at these schools. The question is, or rather was, would the greatest game ever about Prep-school students be able to handle it, wor would your favorite game designer need to doa a shameless cash grab, launch a kickstarter, just to reskin the book with an extra section on shit like this? Maybe I’ll get some self-proclaimed punk-rock/ rock-star game designers to write a couple paragraphs for me.


It’s all right there.

During the “I Never” phase what happens to the game if #16 was

“I never took part in an occult ritual.”

1370744-1281659695How does this change the cooperatively-created “setting” of your game, and the expectations, as well as the fiction that springs from your game?

  • St. Trinian’s
  • Harry Potter
  • Morning Glories
  • School for Good and Evil
  • Gemma Doyle
  • Vampire Academy
  • Fallen
  • Rosario + Vampire
  • The Magicians
  • Night School


Spring Break at GenCon!

PPunk17_Streamlined_RPGNow - Untitled PageThat’s right!

PreppiePunk at GenCon: RPG17109230

But what about They Might Be Giants, they are playing at 8pm on Thursday.

TMBG is the equivalent of most Super Bowl halftime shows of late, artists that were relevant 25 years ago.

What acts would be better suited for skipping the most important game at GenCon.

Funny you should ask.

  • Patton Oswalt stand-up set
  • Brian Posehn stand-up set
  • Chris Hardwick stand-up set (fuck a live-action D&D game with these three and maybe Wil Fucking Wheaton and Blaine Capatch and why not, Vin Diesel)
  • Weezer (noted D&D players)
  • Gerard Way- not only is he from My Chemical Romance, but is overseeing a whole line of DC Comics.
  • Marilyn Manson
  • James Franco- just being James Franco
  • Zak Sabbath
  • Tom Morello
  • Adam Warrock