RPG Saturday, 13th Age BAMF Part 2

0101_001Damien’s partner in shenanigans was none other than Uyag Gnarlfist, 1/2 giant gladiatorial champion and prankster.

Uyag would be a straight up fighter, but there is so much more to him than just that.

Uyag, is, of course his name, but it is an insult. From the Mountain Giant tongue it literally translates to half-man. It also sounds awesome when chanted in the gladiatorial arena: UUUUUU-YAG!

He’s  a straight up heavy weapon beast, and his talents would reflect this. But, his backgrounds:

  • I am not as think, as you think I dumb I am, I remain Uyag (Uyag has a penchant for haiku, and folks very often mistook him for stupid given his primitive way of speaking)
  • Surprisingly sneaky
  • Gladiatorial Champion
  • Uyag grow up in mountains, very tough, not barbaric, that is very rude, rather we embraced a simpler lifestyle, but yes, I can….

As long as he could kick ass, I know he would be fun to play, or rather, fun to team up with.

RPG Saturday, 13th Age, BAMF Part 1

0101_001.jpgOne of the longest campaigns I played in was a 2e D&D game called Lords of the Land, we were the movers and the shakers. That campaign, and thus likely, that character has ended (click the link!). But, that shant stop me from statting up one of my two favorite characters (note, I did not necessaril say these were my characters, though this one is), and here goes with a starting level (for LotL) character.

Some notes: I have not decided on a unique thing, as I know what it ended up as: The One Who Would Wield the Sword of Kas! Additionally, I will use the following my Icons.

Damien, as originally created, was a Blade Bard from the Complete Book of Bards kit-book. He was never into the singing of songs, but I saw him as a trash-talker, punmp up the teammates jack-of-all-trades sorta fellow. Would 13th Age be able to do that?

Damien Abission, 5th level Tiefling Bard

Talents: Jack of Spells (Magic Missile; cantrips: prestidigitation, light, knock); Storyteller; Battle Skald.

Battle Cries: Victory is Ours, Move It, Take Heart.

Spells: Song of Aid, Song of Thunder, Vicious Mockery, Discombobulate, Song of Magic.

Feats of Note: Ritual Casting (this could make for some fun pre-battle buffs?)

Backgrounds: Carnie Grifter, Cultural Lores, Arcane Secrets

Icons: Mordy (Positive, though he would say conflicted), Kas (Conflicted), Vecna (Negative, TBF we all had this one).

I think this character would be tons of fun to play, and would do what he should, provide aid to his allies even if they didn’t want it.

RPG Saturday, 13th Age, Anti-Paladins

paladin(1)One of the coolest things about 13th Age, is that it allows characters that are both unique and archetypal, and the game does not get bogged down in exceptions and rules. On the extended playtest campaign I ran, one of the players was a paladin with assasin as a background. Could the character sneak around in full plate? Yes. Why? Because it’s cool.

So, I went back to the rules to see what an old character of mine might look like, a noble paladin who had been outcast from the church, but who had not lost faith.

For talents, I gave him: Fearless, Bastion, and Implacable. What’s really cool is that none of these seem too magic in nature (as Lay On Hands, or even a paladin’s challenge), rather, they demonstrate a strength of character and fighting tactics.

Thus, I present to you Corum Alabast, the paladin who was a father and husband first, who, when faced with giving up his daughter to the church as she was the chosen one, said nay.


RPG Saturday, 13th Age Part 1

I+am+assuming+it+is+goku+and+ash+ketchum+on+_d217bdc178d48d58587839ac97479908In an effort to take a look at many different systems, I have spent time making characters for them. I realized I had too many PbtA games, and might have not given enough emphasis to one of my favorite games, 13th Age!

So, I will write up some basic character ideas from 13th Age, because I love the game just ohsomuch!

Mike and I played in a 13th Age game at GenCon this year, we were the only players (which was not uncommon for our game sessions). Players were allowed to bring their own characters, so I updated a character of mine.

Ashitaka (the name and concept very blatantly stolen from Princess Mononoke).

He is a monk.  His one unique thing is to restore the Grandmaster of Flowers to prominence. He was armed with a scabbard, but empty of a sword.

I liked the idea that the Grandmaster of Flowers had a strange relationship with the other Icons, and established a positive relationship with the Lich King, and the Prince of Shadows, but a negative relationship with the Emperor.

His backgrounds were: Ninja Assassin, Monastic Training, Past Ages, and Secrets.

What I really liked about the character was that he was a man of peace, always willing to talk peacefully, but when forced to combat, was deadly with the poison martial art. He frequently resolved conflicts with naught but his words, seeking to always find a balance.

Additionally, because of the very modular character creation system, with GM approval, I swapped out one Monk ability for the Paladin fearless ability. This really brought the character to life for me, and made him interesting and unique. And, nothing in the system broke.


RPG Saturday, Rotted Capes

US_1_Vol_1_1.jpgThe premise of this game is a compelling one, D-List Superheroes must fight Zombies, some of who are the former A-List heroes.

I have some issues with the game, primarily, that there is not really anything making the game about B-List heroes, except for the power levels and amount of points to spend at character creation.

Putting that aside, when I think underloved B-List characters, I think, of course of one of my favorites:


So, I am going to try and do my best version of him for the Rotted Capes system.

So, a small confession, this took me much longer than I would have liked, and with no small amount of frustration. The character creation system is very standard superhero crunchy and obtuse. Additionally, the skills system is one where players must choose specialties for many of the skills, and in my experience, this never turns out well. Because of this, I have not assigned my specialties, but I can give you an idea of my character.

TAGLINE: Comin’ At Ya

Type: Tech Controller

Might 4; Prowess 4; Quickness 6; Vigor 5; Charisma 3; Insight 4; Logic 6; Resolve 6

Skill Bundles: Academic, Engineer, Mechanic, Computer Tech

Advantages: Gearhead, Vehicular Combat (frustrating that on page 73, at the beginning of the gear chapter, there is a pic of a big rig when but no real rules for having a vehicle as gear).

Powers: Sixth Sense (Cybernetic Implant): 1; Wireless (Implant) 1

Skills: Academic (choose) 3; Engineering (Choose) 3; Engineering (choose) 3; Science (Physics or Chemistry) 2; Technology (choose) 3; Academics (choose) 3; Athletics 4; Linguistics 2; Science (choose) 2; Technology (choose) 2; Drive 4 (+1)(+2 combat); Engineering (Automobile) 3; Technology (Basic) 2; Technology (Programming) 2; Engineering (Computer) 3; Engineering (Programming) 3; Melee 2; Pilot 1; Scavenge 1

i wish there was more flavor mechanically about being a B-lister, instead, it seems to be that they have less points to spend on their characters.




RPG Saturday, Rememorex

243470Boy, was I excited for this. It oozed style. Then, when it arrived, I dug in. And, like some previous outings by the creators, it fell flat for me. There are rules, they are not exactly clear, or that interesting. During character creation, we are asked to define an archetype for our character, choosing from the Hughes tropes, but then adding some flair to it:

But, this has nothing to do with an actual character creation. And, what type of dice do we use?

So, in creating a character, I decided to do something fun. There is this idea that Michael Bluth and Marty Byrde are the same character. So, I decided to play with this, and go way back: Derek from Silver Spoons, Matthew Burton from It’s Your Move, and down the line. So, what if I made this character for this game. A conniving, charming, con-man, who always keeps his cool.

For his name, my research shows the initials MB appearing frequently. So, I flipped it, and made his name Burton Merrick, but his friends call him Merrick.

TYPE: Eddie Haskell A-2/ P-2

TRAINING: Clever Con-Man A-4/ P-4

TALENT: Always Scheming A-3/ P-3

LOOK: Sweaters, Polo shirts, khakis, Members Only Jacket



RPG Saturday: Cartoon Action Hour

509408-nine_rings_wu_tangThe Wu-Tang Clan as a Saturday Morning Cartoon?

If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed it myself.

Inspired by the comic, I ran this at GenCon. I present to you, ODB!

In the game, ODB ending up dying, and coming back to life, because, of course that is what happened.

I could only imagine if this was a real cartoon, with live-action bumpers featuring members of the Wu.

How amazing would that be?

RZA, get in touch with me, let’s make this happen.



Screenshot 2018-09-24 14.30.28



RPG Saturday: Retrostar

I am still really proud of this one. Peeling back the curtain, one of the issues with running it at conventions is that some series do better with X number of people. I will be running this at a convention today for a con organizer who loves the game.

The wrinkle is that the theme of the convention is the 80s, and whenever I am a guest, I try and always embrace the theme as much as I am able.

So, how can I take a game designed for 70s scifi action and make it work for the 80s. If you are going to suggest shows like Knight Rider and the A-Team, you’re not wrong, but for this example, you are not correct.

Instead, I am dusting off one of my favorite series, and updating it. I present to you, Galactic Run 83!

I will be bringing awesome 80’s theme character sheets+, here is a sample. characters will not have stated Casting, instead they will have a picture, and can go from there. It’s a convention game, we are all there to have fun!

Here is Hale:

And, for those intrigued, here is the co-pilot of the Refractor II, Oberlin, AKA Obie.

RPG Saturday, The Big Crime

Full Disclosure: I not only have worked on this, but am a part of the Spectrum Games team.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 9.17.38 AMInspired by the Dynamite Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew The Big Lie series, I present to you, Joe Hardy.


Hooks: Teen Detective, G-Rated, Reckless

Right Gee; Sleuth

Body: Good

Finesse: Normal

Smarts: Normal

Spirit: Good

Aspects: Athletics, Endurance, Fighting, Tioughness, Investigation, Perception, Driving, Reflexes.