Roleplaying Game Throwback Thursday: Dieter Kraus

Dieter Kraus (Ninjas & Superspies, Palladium)

dx1This was from a convention game. There were 8 players, we were split up into teams of two. The intent of the GM was to have us all have our duo cut-scene and then meet-up and work together.

How quickly things went off the track. Dieter Kraus was a German secret agent, his cover name was Ward Cleaver, very generic looking handsome fellow, a bit of a gun nut. He was teamed with Xavier Kilgore, old military man who had smuggled the pieces to a tank from his employer and reassembled it. Xavier wore loud Hawaiian shirts and his silver hair in a military buzzcut. Dieter favored sleek, tailored fashionable European suits.

One of the other groups was jumpy ninjas, this much I know.

The first scene where we were all supposed to get together ended up with Dieter and Xavier (DX for short) taking off in a vintage convertible after leaving the other PCs who were deemed untrustworthy behind. Somehow, the two of us decided that the rest of the agents were not to be trusted, and that the two of us would complete the mission.

The whole thing ended up with us at Logan airport hijacking a plane, to which one of the characters said “Why are you doing that?” and my reply was simply to hand him my character sheet and point out my Pilot:Airplane skill.

The rest of the PCs never had a chance.

Roleplaying Game Throwback Thursday: Regdar

Regdar (3rd Level Human Fighter, Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition by Wizards of the Coast)

GenCon, Milwaukee, the year was 2000, the newest edition of D&D was released, the halls were filled with folks sitting on the floors thumbing through their Player’s Handbooks (which had literally just been released at GenCon!). We found the only official 3rd Edition game being run at GenCon, and it wasn’t full! Why? It wasn’t labeled correctly in the conbook. The DM was Chris Perkins, and the adventure was “The Dungeon of the Fire Opal” written by Jonathan Tweet, and appearing in the upcoming Dragon Magazine #84, we were even listed as play-testers.

Chris Perkins, it can be assumed, had played his fair share of 3rd Edition prior to GenCon, having been part of the WotC team. The adventure was a dungeon crawl, lots of doors to open and monsters to be fought. Facing off against the dragon (white, relatively young IIRC), Regdar went down. Chris asked me to make a stabilization roll. The rules were still new to all of us. Roll a d20 on a 19 or 20 you stabilize. I picked up my d20 and I rolled.

Natural 20!

“Wow, I have never seen anyone actually make the roll.” Chris remarked. Regdar dug in and stood his ground. His tale was not yet done being told. And, how lame would it be if the iconic fighter had died so early in his career.

I still have my 3e PHB signed by all the players at the table and Chris Perkins as well as the three Designers (Monte Cook, Jonathan Tweet, and Skip Williams) and Gary Gygax!

And I made a friend. GenCon nametags used to have the state you were from on them. So, looking across the table, this energetic young man was also from Massachusetts. I struck up a conversation, thinking he was a teenager. Oddly, he signed his name XXX, M.D. I thought this to be an amusing affectation. Color me wrong, Dr. Paul was at Harvard Medical School and just happened to look young!

It was a good year!

My friend Jason played in the open gaming room where the sage, Skip Williams, was running a game. I bring this up, because when asked how much the damage would be when the ½ orc swung the unconscious bard at a monster, the answer was “d6” and that was straight from the mouth of the sage, so for those of you old enough to remember Sage Advice, now you know.

Weapon: Bard (blunt) 1d6 damage.

Roleplaying Game Throwback Thursday: Johnny Atomo

Johnny Atomo (Adventure! by White Wolf games)

Some people collect character sheets, some people throw them away. I keep them. From campaigns. From one-shots. From convention games. I have a folder filled with them.

So, here is Johnny Atomo. I think the year was 2001, the location was Milwaukee, and it was GenCon!

I think one of the other PCs was a talking gorilla.

Why am I starting with this character? At GenCon 2014, I was running a game next to Bob Karcher, who was still running the same characters through crazy pulp adventures with the timeline advancing every year and influenced by the actions of the players. I had a fun time, I remember using my Destructive facet to smash through a wall. Bob even made standees with the character’s pictures.

In the future, we will profile more characters, and share with you some of the stories that go along with them.