RPG Saturday: Underworld

41vEmPGa32L._BO1,204,203,200_Boy, do I love so, so much about this game. So much so, that it was part of why I designed Strong Island. It’s kind of a wonderful hot mess, and I wish there was a 2nd Edition, heck, I’d be happy to oversee one.

I made a Nomad Bravo, not because of the innate coolness of being able to be an immortal warrior, but because I really liked Clayton Graham’s art.

Name: Ronan (he just remembers it, is unsure how or why)

TRAITS: Fearless, Perceptive, Shrewd.

SKILLS: Fighting, Survival

ABILITIES: Immortality, Battlecraft

CHARMS: Brass Knuckles, Free Ride


RPG Saturday, Wyrd is Bond

Long before PbTa there were other indie games. Wyrd is Bond is one of the most interesting, so much so that it was instrumental in my design of Strong Island.

I wanted to love the gangs more than I did, but there is utter genius here.

NAME: P-9 (pronounced Ronin, from the Greek Rho (p). Grew up an orphan on the streets, took the American name of Ronan).

GANG: Ghosts

POSITIVE TRAITS: Mathematical Prodigy, Fast Hands

NEGATIVE TRAITS: Perfectionist, Soft-Hearted

RIVAL: Han-co Sangre, Los Reyes

LOVE: Fee-Line, Blood Queens

SKILL: Sees the Odds

kyp2000-new-l1Of all the games I own, this is the one I am most interested in seeing in actual play. Something about the mechanics seems off to me.

But, man, the setting just oozes.

If Jason L. Blair ever wanted to do a 2e, I’d love to adopt Strong Island to it. HMU!