The Pull List, Comic Release Date 12/13


Newly elected Mayor Wilson Fisk has declared Daredevil Public Enemy No. 1. Now, every bit of law enforcement in New York City is out to take him down, and the Man Without Fear has nowhere to hide – while Matt Murdock receives the most incredible offer of his legal career.

Remember when Cap was a Nazi, and I struggled with that. This story has similar real-world corollaries, but works much more.

I hope.



The Pull List, Comic Release Date 12/6

oct171168Mighty Crusaders #1

Yes, it is yet another Archie book.

Hear me out…

I would offer up that the reign of Axel Alonso is when my must-read comics by Marvel list decreased.

I have never been a DC guy, but with Bendis moving to DC, I will be adding some more books to my pull by the distinguished competition. I cannot say that Rebirth or Metal are things I care about, and I could offer up a ton of questions about DC that there seem to be no answers about- how old is Batman? Specifically, in relation to his sidekicks. Rebirth seems to have made all the heroes around 25 years old, yet, they would have us believe this is the iteration of the characters we know and love.

The Bendis books will be announced soon, all I can do now is dream.

And look forward to this. I am intrigued. Bring it, Archie!

Make me love this.

The Pull List, Release Date 9/13

711893_runaways-1-wada-variantWhen it was good, it was very good, when it went downhill, it was not that good. With all that said, and even though Marvel does not have much of my trust these days, I am excited for this.

Runaways #1

Friend of Zeist Mad Dog, has been known to refer to himself as the Charlie Brown of DC fans, he gets excited about every thing they do, hoping beyond hope that they will recapture, what, in his opinion they have lost.

I will not go so far as to say I am the Charlie Brown of marvel, but I do want to believe they will stop sucking.


The Pull List, Release Date 9/6

jun171574eNancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, The Big Lie #6

I only just noticed this is a miniseries and this issue is the last issue. It makes me sad. I have really enjoyed this, it did not go as dark as the stated inspirations of Afterlife with Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but it was good. The pop-references included are simple enough that a quick wiki search can uncover them, and they are clever enough to put a smile on my face, happily going down some of these early YA-lit rabbit holes.

I hope they continue the use of the characters in some way, in the meantime, i will be doing some deep-mining to see what fun ideas I can envision, what properties I might reimagine.