The Pull List, Release Date 8/16

689387_c81ff2ae03e693eef170e7fa949c04bfbaf541c5I have a situation.

A dilemma, if you will.

I will put it in broad terms, in question form:

How much is $4 worth to you? Is $4 a reasonable price for long-awaited entertainment? If you could watch Game of Thrones early one week, for $4, would you do it? What if it meant you had to walk across town?

This is my dilemma, sort of.

Next Wednesday, I will be at GenCon. I have picked up comics at GenCon before, that is not the issue.

The issue is, should I hold off buying a comic that my FLCS will set aside for me, as it is in my actual pull list?

What if the comic is one of your faves? I know that I gush about Archie and their offerings, this one is so dark and wonderful. Sabrina #8, we waited a long time for #7, can i wait 5 days? More to the point, can i justify the expenditure, I would be buying it twice?

I am unsure.

But anyone out there reading this, YOU SHOULD PICK THIS COMIC UP!


The Pull List, Comic Release Date 7/26

701071_812197a14409d456fa969554a3e413f9ea5996d1There is an elephant in the room. The room being the Marvel and DC room. The elephants are Convergence and Secret Wars. Secret Empire has had moments, the most surprising was when it acknowledged the past of Marvel comics. I enjoyed International Iron Man, and wish that titled had not been cancelled. It is one of my favorite artist-writer combos. Another one of my favorite combos is on display in Infamous Iron Man. What gives it that little extra something is that it acknowledges the Marvel history. This is one of the books I most look forward to when it comes out.

The Pull List, Release Date 7/19


Comics today often suffer from taking too long to tell a story, restricted to the 6-issue TPB model, stories often drag out, miniseries and events often get extended, along with delayed.

Archie’s Over The Edge promised dramatic changes for one of the characters, death was implied.

There was a list of five potential characters, which erased speculation of a the spotlight character being Jason Blossom perhaps to get in-line with the TV show. Before the first issue even arrived, several of the potentials were also eliminated.

All of this served an odd purpose, to decrease the drama inherent in a book promising:

“The end has come for one of Riverdale’s most beloved residents.”

Every time I have doubts about an Archie-verse title, it delivers. This story-arc has sped by incredibly quickly, no pun intended, and I am nervous to see the conclusion, and am trusting it will have a payoff.