Best of Bootie, BTBB

Check out the Best of Bootie mixes for some holiday travel listening.

Here are some of my favorites, along with their BTBB Sectors:

The AM meets Urbania

The AM and Mt. Rock.

Urbania/ Mt. Rock/ Isle Neon

Isle Neon in Urbania

Mt. Rock on The AM

Isle Neon and Mt. Rock

Mt. Rock via Urbania

Mt. Rock and the AM in Urbania

Heartland in Urbania

“Put the needle on the record

Throw your hands in the air

Stand up for your rights

And Fight the Powers That Be!”



Top 10 Reasons I ask “Can it Be January Already?”

Why can’t it be January?

10. Netflix releases (throughout January, 2015)
Psych’s final season, Mean Girls, Batman and Robin (even though I already own that one on DVD)!

9. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (releases January 7, 2015)
Whether it will be the best or most disappointing comic to Squirrel Girl’s number 1 fan (hint: that’s me), this ongoing comic promises to be very different from standard superhero fare. And who can hate on a heroine who rocks a fuzzy tail?

8. Multiversity Guide Book (releases January 21, 2015)
Well not every issue of Multiversity has been a hit for me personally, this guidebook of alternate earths promises to harken back to a time when Marvel and DC released character handbooks that included all sorts of bizarre (and factually unreal) information about their characters.

7. Agent Carter Miniseries (debuts January 6, 2015)
Our first taste of female-led superhero content, Peggy Carter of Captain America fame will be gracing the small screen with her no-nonsense attitude, her bright red lipstick, and her first wave feminism. Though it’s all in the past, the miniseries will almost definitely tie in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Think we’ll see any Kree?

6. Henshin (releases January 14, 2015)
Ken Niimura (of I Kill Giants fame) brings together a superpowered kid, a lonely girl, and a weary businessman with Japan as the backdrop.  This series of short graphic stories explore a unique version of Tokyo that promises to be a little bit magical, a little bit touching, and a lot of fun.

5. The 7 Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today (releases January 6, 0215)
Okay, maybe Charlie, Dee, Mac, Dennis, and Frank from It’s Always Sunny in Philedelphia are the last people I want to give me life advice, but this self-help guide will likely follow in the footsteps of Archer’s How to Archer, which was just as sardonic and witty as the TV show. Hopefully this book will also include how to play Chardee Macdennis and make Milk Steak.

4. Archer Season 6 (debuts January 8, 2015)
Archer is back to being a spy (now with less cocaine)! Though ISIS is no longer the name of the organization in the show (for obvious reasons), things will return to normal. Relatively speaking. Archer’s a daddy now, Ray won’t be in a wheelchair (for the first premier in a while), Cyril is in a murderous rage, Pam’s sister is getting married (maybe to Barry or other Barry?), and the Frisky Dingo characters are making a special appearance (maybe Xander and Archer get a case of confused identity?). It’s going to be a wild ride!

3. Parks and Rec Season 7 (debuts January 13, 2015)
The final season is here, and though it may not be presented as ceremoniously as we’d like NBC to treat it (with them tossing out back-to-back episodes week after week), the season will hopefully tie all the loose ends together, picking up five-some years after we last saw the gang from Pawnee. My bet is that Ben is going to an award ceremony for his incredibly successful board game, the Cones of Dunshire.

2. The Legendary Star-Lord #7 (releases January 7, 2015)
Peter Quill and Kitty Pryde are going to kiss! Or at least make some form of physical contact. Hopefully? (I’m watching you, Bendis and Humphries!)

1. Broad City Season 2 (debuts January 14, 2015)
Abbi and Iliana are back! I think it’s fair to say this quirky, lady-centric slacker comedy really found its rhythm at the end of season 1, and they will likely pick up right where they left off. Abbi, Iliana, and Hannibal Buress will all be returning to ask the big questions, like what kind of dog are you, will we ever get to see Li’l Wayne, and when will my roommate’s horrible boyfriend ever leave the couch?