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Sixteen years ago, a friend of mine celebrated his birthday driving into NYC. It was a terrible day for NYC, an awful day for our country. To hear him tell the story, when asked about having to spend his birthday this way, his response was akin to “I’m happy, it was a day we all came together.” Sadly, my friend passed away, his lungs damaged from his voluntary rescue work at Ground Zero.

But, here is the thing, as my eyes well, as they always do, recalling my friend, recalling his sacrifice, recalling an image of him driving into NYC while everyone else was driving out, he was not always dour, and enjoyed a laugh.

With that said, think of the sacrifices, and the losses, but think also about how this man, on his birthday, without question, drove hundreds of miles to help those in need.

But, there is nothing saying you still can’t hate Mondays and love lasagna.

Thank you, Bill Foronjy. This one’s for you.

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