Wow or Woe, Release Date 3/14

JAN180976Marvel Two-In-One #4

The Fantastic Four are difficult to write, which is a real shame, because, when written well, they are great! This series started out great, but this issue was…. not. I hate to give it a WOE but it certainly is not a wow.



Wow or Woe, Release Date 3/7

JAN180362Exit Stage Left, The Snagglepuss Chronicles

A pink humanoid feline playwright, Clint Eastwood, Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio, Quick Draw McGraw…

This is a serious case of WTF and the W stands for WOW!


Wow or Woe, Release Date 2/28

dec170809Invincible Iron Man 597

I hope the Iron Doom arc continues with the departure of Bendis.

Add to that the re-emergence of one of my favorite characters as a Big Bad.

This one gets a WOW!

For those keeping track at home:

Terrifics gets a WOE, DC seems determined to undo much of what they have done. But, Plas…. his use and acknowledgment of his power level almost gets it a Wow. Almost.

Labyrinth: Coronation gets a WOE, nothing really all that surprising.



Wow or Woe, Release Date 2/21

In a week with Bendis’ final issue of The Defenders featuring a slew of my favorite characters, and the return of Hit-Girl, one would think my choice between them would be difficult, but nay, Daredevil gets the nod this week.

And this one gets a WOW for just a great moment, if brutal.


Wow or Woe, Release Date 2/14

dec170563Kick-Ass #1

You either like Mark Millar….


You’re wrong.

I don’t truly feel that way, but I think that many of the haters are judging based on a volume of work done in the past. Huck was wonderful, and this issue featuring a new Kick-Ass tackles some subjects head-on. Maybe not tackle, punch in the face.

Gotta give it a Wow.


Wow or Woe, Release Date 2/7

DD-7Daredevil 598

And, in a great reinvention, Muse becomes the Marvel U Banksy.

Except evil.

Coincidentally, I rewatched Obey Giant on Hulu this past weekend.

And, I am considering using my artistic limitations as a benefit for some graphic design elements of the upcoming Academy Arcanae.

Unrelated to this title, but worth noting, I am ready to go on the record: I do not like Harley Quinn. At. All.


Wow or Woe, Release Date 1/31

NOV170968.jpgJessica Jones #16

This is the book I will miss the most.


Our plucky, flawed heroine is plucky and flawed, and again with the awesome surprises.



Wow or Woe, Release Date 1/24

nov170215Raven: Daughter of Darkness #1

MicroRant: DC continues to have mini-struggles, and inconsistent messaging, rebirth returns many of the characters DC fans loved, but they are all inexplicably younger, and not in ways that relate to one another, case in point… Raven, who used to be peers with DickRobin, but is now a high schooler. Thanks Flashpoint. And, with all these New52 styled new titles coming led by Didio while GJohns throws shade the way of Bendis and craps on the Watchmen (not that I care), they are still doing better than Marvel… Thanks Axel.

End of Rant. Marv Wolfman is writing this 12 Issue mini, I enjoyed Issue #1 well enough to give it a WOW!



Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 1/17

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Avengers 676 (No Surrender Part 2); Thor 703; Champions 16

3 comics, 6 word reviews for each:

Avengers: Liked this when called Sentry. WOE

Champions: Waid+Ramos+Teen Heroes: Disappointing, Inconsistent. WOE.

Thor: Ragnorak seems to happen too often. WOE.



Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 1/10

Runaways #5

I finished the first season of the Runaways tv series, and I did not dislike the finale as much as some paid reviewers. They have to change things up for the pacing of television, c’mon. Most of the casting is great, I can even imagine Frank Dean as a grown up Victor:


NOV171022I am normally a bigger fan of Kris Anka, but maybe his talenst are wasted here, he does costumes and costume redesigns well.

How about Gisele Legace in the Archie style for this book, how amazing would that be?

I will give this issue a WOW as it had some really nice character moments that hearkened back to when this was one of the best comic storylines. Ever.