Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 12/13

OCT170961Runaways #4

I am enjoying the Runaways TV series. Any quibbles I might have are minor, but as I watch, I am reminded how amazing the original story arcs and premise of this book was. One of the most original, innovative, interesting stories in the Big Two in quite some time, the way it interacted with the rest of the MU, and the ways it didn’t interact were all great. The reveals were astounding.

And then…. it went sideways. It went downhill. And it became one of those titles I read just to see it through, but the charm was gone. The excitement was gone. I would have to go back and read specifically, but I think when Vaughn left and Whedon took over is when it went downhill.

Molly_Hayes_(Earth-13729)_0001Volume 3 I read out of obligation.

When this most recent iteration started, it pulled me in. But, this most recent issue. Meh. The ending had a nice moment, but Anka’s art feels flat and not right for the series. I want to love you again, and will continue reading, but, for right now, this gets a WOE! But, because I can, I share the following, one of my favorite bits from recent Marvel stuff.

Future Molly is the best!



Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 12/6

OCT171167Mighty Crusaders #1

I had already promised to get this, but here was how it played out. With the recent renaming and renumbering by Marvel, I had to request titles I was already getting to be added to my pull if they had a new name, etc. So, the Bendis/ Miles Spider-Man title was not in my pull.

And I flipped through it, and with BMB leaving, I put it back. Sorry. I enjoyed Miles well enough, but was never pulled in, not enough to keep reading after BMB leaves.

Mighty Crusaders members have a history and legacy going back to before many of the Avengers, and it can show. But, I also want to support Archie, who are doing some of the stuff I like most in comics right now.

The tone of this is more mature than one might expect or the art might imply. It is referential and reverential to that which came before, but is not the Black Hood recent series either.

I am giving it a WOW! I enjoyed it. I will continue to get it. I wish the costumes were more dynamic and interesting. This helps to differentiate the characters. There was a mild coloring issue. If you have been looking for a new superhero comic to pick up, give it a shot, I am curious to see where it goes.


Wow or Woe, Release Date 11/8

sep170914So, Brian Michael Bendis announced he was moving to DC.

This makes the awesomeness of the always WOW Jessica Jones bittersweet.

I will focus on the positive.

I will pick up his DC books.

I want to see him do: a team book (Justice League Detroit maybe, but not jokey), his Jessica Jones (maybe Powergirl with Amanda Conner art), his Luke Cage (from Avengers), his Daredevil (all-time favorite, Red Hood?). Bring along Gaydos, Maleev please.

I have my own theories, but it doesn’t matter.

This will get me overly enthused about DC.

Other comics: Runaways, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Master of Kung Fu, Ms. Marvel, Archies, Iceman, Spirits of Vengeance, Daredevil, She-Hulk.

Wow or Wow, Release Date 11/2

I am going to do something a bit different, because this was a good week…

Harley and Ivy meet Betty and Veronica: I might have had some trouble keeping the real H+I distinct from cosplay B+V, with that said, there was a good deal of clever in this, with a final reveal that had me nodding in appreciation. WOW!

Jetsons: Like most of the Hanna-Barbera stuff, surprisingly dense. WOW!

Archie: I think I might have some late onset allergies, because my eyes got watery. WOW!

Captain America: Mark Waid (Archie) again, a really solid story, very much pandering to all the folks who are all gushing over Rebirth by the Distinguished Competition. I have some issues with how this relates to Secret Empire, lots of questions, with how Cap is represented and remembered. All that said, still a WOW!

Also this week: Spider-Man, Power Pack (one shot?!? disappointed!!!), Iron Fist, Old Man Logan (love the art).

Wow or Wow, Comic Release Date 10/25

AUG171213Jughead: The Hunger

I enjoyed this, but it didn’t do much more than the earlier one-shot, and it certainly did not grab me viscerally the way Afterlife With Archie or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina did. I will continue to get it, because I want to support Archie Comics and as mentioned, I did enjoy it. But, overall, I have to give it a WOE.

Also picked up this week: Daredevil, Kamandi Challenge, Batgirl, Wolverine, Thor: Where Walk the Frost Giants.

Wow or Wow, Comic Release Date 10/11

AUG170940Hulk #11

The Hulk in the title is She-Hulk, who, next will be back to headlining her own book after the soft reboot and renumbering.

When this title started it was dark, serious, and really dealt with a character who prior was light and witty, but who had changed because of grimdark stuff that happened to her.

It wasn’t all grimdark, but it was mostly grimdark, there were lighter moments.

And then, this issue happened, where several characters started breaking the 4th wall, and Shulkie returned more to her classic representation.

I appreciated the darker storytelling, I won’t say definitively I 100% enjoyed it, but I appreciated the thought and effort that went into it.

amy_pietz_2000_11_16This tonal shift seemed odd, making this the Cursed/ The Weber Show of comics.

This one gets a WOW!

Also in the Pull List this week: Your Pal Archie, Mister Miracle, Uncanny Avengers, Ms. Marvel, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Sheena, Wolverine, Defenders, Runaways, Daredevil.

Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 10/4

713301_jessica-jones-13-mckone-legacy-headshot-variant-legJessica Jones 13

Bendis+Gaydos for the win, always.

Everything about this book hits all the right notes, and this issue, the pacing was great, the callback to Carol Danvers’ awful pregnancy storyline was great, and….


Also purchased this week: Iron Fist, Archies, Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica, Punisher The Platoon, Dastardly and Muttley, Spirits of Vengeance, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Old Man Logan.



Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 9/27


This was a comic that came out on September 27, 2017.


Because it was a one-and-done, and to cross pollinate branding, I am going to also categorize this as a Crossover Catalog.

Crossover Catalog seeks to examine crossover events of the big two, grading them on their Idea, Permanence, Execution, and Continuity. The IPEC scale and subsequent score will be recorded.

IDEA– This is trying to bring Marvel back to the roots, with classic characters, showing the ties between various characters to assume various superheroic mantles. Msmarvel2Will we see this Ms. Marvel again? No. I didn’t think so. With waning sales, i think the goal was to recapture readers. I’ll be honest, the first 6 pages pulled me, I like stuff like this. But the overall idea… Meh. 3/5

PERMANENCE– Obviously, the issue just came out, but i will give them the benefit of the doubt. 5/5.

EXECUTION– Numerous artists, numerous mini-stories, focus on some marginal characters (Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider and f’in Starbrand, give me a break) force me to not grade this too highly. 2/5 (Oh yeah, and the final page did nothing for me, it certainly did not break the Internet).

CONTINUITY– Again, as with P above, I will give a benefit of the doubt. 5/5

Grand Total: 15/20, or 75%.

With all that said, and check back in two years to see if the P and C scores remain, I do give this one a WOE. It was disappointing on so many levels, and really makes me ask the question, why and who cares?

Other comics this week: Thor, Kamandi Challenge, KoDT, Infamous Iron Man, Batgirl, Archie, Generations: The Americas, Generations: The Spiders, FOOM.