Wow or Wow, Comic Release Date 10/11

AUG170940Hulk #11

The Hulk in the title is She-Hulk, who, next will be back to headlining her own book after the soft reboot and renumbering.

When this title started it was dark, serious, and really dealt with a character who prior was light and witty, but who had changed because of grimdark stuff that happened to her.

It wasn’t all grimdark, but it was mostly grimdark, there were lighter moments.

And then, this issue happened, where several characters started breaking the 4th wall, and Shulkie returned more to her classic representation.

I appreciated the darker storytelling, I won’t say definitively I 100% enjoyed it, but I appreciated the thought and effort that went into it.

amy_pietz_2000_11_16This tonal shift seemed odd, making this the Cursed/ The Weber Show of comics.

This one gets a WOW!

Also in the Pull List this week: Your Pal Archie, Mister Miracle, Uncanny Avengers, Ms. Marvel, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Sheena, Wolverine, Defenders, Runaways, Daredevil.


Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 10/4

713301_jessica-jones-13-mckone-legacy-headshot-variant-legJessica Jones 13

Bendis+Gaydos for the win, always.

Everything about this book hits all the right notes, and this issue, the pacing was great, the callback to Carol Danvers’ awful pregnancy storyline was great, and….


Also purchased this week: Iron Fist, Archies, Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica, Punisher The Platoon, Dastardly and Muttley, Spirits of Vengeance, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Old Man Logan.



Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 9/27


This was a comic that came out on September 27, 2017.


Because it was a one-and-done, and to cross pollinate branding, I am going to also categorize this as a Crossover Catalog.

Crossover Catalog seeks to examine crossover events of the big two, grading them on their Idea, Permanence, Execution, and Continuity. The IPEC scale and subsequent score will be recorded.

IDEA– This is trying to bring Marvel back to the roots, with classic characters, showing the ties between various characters to assume various superheroic mantles. Msmarvel2Will we see this Ms. Marvel again? No. I didn’t think so. With waning sales, i think the goal was to recapture readers. I’ll be honest, the first 6 pages pulled me, I like stuff like this. But the overall idea… Meh. 3/5

PERMANENCE– Obviously, the issue just came out, but i will give them the benefit of the doubt. 5/5.

EXECUTION– Numerous artists, numerous mini-stories, focus on some marginal characters (Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider and f’in Starbrand, give me a break) force me to not grade this too highly. 2/5 (Oh yeah, and the final page did nothing for me, it certainly did not break the Internet).

CONTINUITY– Again, as with P above, I will give a benefit of the doubt. 5/5

Grand Total: 15/20, or 75%.

With all that said, and check back in two years to see if the P and C scores remain, I do give this one a WOE. It was disappointing on so many levels, and really makes me ask the question, why and who cares?

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Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 9/20

jul170707Millarworld New Talent Annual 2017

This was as much a tease as anything, making me want more from of these titles I’ve enjoyed in the past: Kick-Ass, Superior, Supercrooks, and one of my most recent favorite comics, Huck. None of the individual stories made me want to pick up anything the “new talent” might do in the future, but it was a pleasant surprise to see this coming out, as it was off my radar.

This gets a WOW!

Also picked up: Generations: The Marvels, Totally Awesome Hulk, Spider-Men II, Luke Cage, Invincible Iron Man.


Wow or Wow, Comic Release Date 9/13


Secret Empire: Omega

Secret Empire was a hot, hot mess. The finale was terrible.

But, excepting the fact that there are two Steve Rogers, which is a pretty big piece of the puzzle to ignore, this issue had some pretty solid moments, and I wish I could see what this series might have been without the double-Steve reveal. What if it was Scott Lang talking to the imprisoned one?

I liked a lot here, and in the arbitrary binary grading system, I give it a WOW.

Also in the pull this week: Sheena, Ms. Marvel, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Old Man Logan, Defenders, Wolverine, Generations: The Bravest, Mister Miracle, Hulk, Runaways, Riverdale.

And then, I saw this.


Xander Cage as Batman? This is everything wrong with DC right now.



Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 9/6

JUL171103Jessica Jones #12

The Defenders series, the Cage and Iron Fist solo series have not been comics that I have been loving. But Jessica F’in Jones, I love her. When asked to name favorite characters in comics, she will always be on that list. I love this series as I have loved her headlining series before, and this one always moves to the top for immediate reading.

Always a WOW!

Also in the Pull List this week: Dastardly & Muttley (Garth Ennis?!?), Hawkeye, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Champions, Generations: The Iron.

Wow or Woe, Release Date 8/30

710496_secret-empire-10-js-campbell-variant.jpgSecret Empire #10

Read this.

Dear Nick Spencer and Marvel,

You lied. Not only that, you have to do a lot to regain my trust after this $#!tstorm of an event. It had moments, but this made the TV series Lost finale seem as unexpected as the Crying Game. They lied, they deceived, and on top of all that, it was incredibly lazy storytelling.

I need to strong consider my feelings on Marvel going forward.

The Legacy one-shot better be great. Marvel has sucked since Secret Wars. There have been good titles, series that deal with characters, but the crossovers and events have sucked.

Also on the Pull List this week: Supergirl Annual, Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual, Your Pal Archie, Irredeemable Iron Man, Generations: The Archers.


Wow or Wow, Comic Release Date 8/23+

I have not been negligent, I was at GenCon, and Sabrina was delayed a week. I did stop by the store and try and pick it up, and would have found a way to deliver unto you my thoughts.

But last week is the past, live in the present.

IMG_1061A good week this week. Batgirl deserves a WOW, as does Archie, Secret Empire a WOE, but my focus, as promised, is Sabrina. This book gets better and better, as if RAS is deciding to take us down a darker path every week. The art is great, and the story is indeed chilling. I had trouble getting into this one initially, but when I revisited, this is one of my favorite books being published today. WOW!

Other books this week (not mentioned above): Nightwing: The New Order, Generations: The Thunder, Josie and the Pussycats, Daredevil, Kamandi Challenge.

For those of you keeping track at home, last week I ended up with: Future Quest Presents, Dark Nights Metal, Spider-Men II, Totally Awesome Hulk, Generations: The Best, KoDT, Iron Man, Thor, Luke Cage, and Sheena. All things being equal, I would have given the WOW to….. The Best, it had some really nice interplay between the characters.


Wow or Woe, Release Date 8/9

709938_secret-empire-8-js-campbell-variantSecret Empire #8 came out this week.

I am sure many of you have given up, and I also know people who think this is the greatest, most important comic event for our current state of affairs in America. I am seeing it through to the end, so that I might be able to offer up a fully informed analysis.

This was the issue narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Is the story getting any more coherent> Is there any more clarity how this event is going to transition to Generations and Legacy, which has already started!!!


It gets a very frustrating WOE from me, on so many levels. If they went for it, really went for it, if the repercussions of this were felt 2 years from now, that might be interested. It isn’t even relevant in most of the titles being currently being published by Marvel.

Also purchased this week: Generations: The Phoenix, Riverdale, Hulk, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Old Man Logan, Ms. Marvel, Defenders, Wolverine.

Wow or Woe, Release date 8/2

702494_bfa4c9d26dbac4dda442cfcd8f4b3b677b3c8fbaAs is common-place these days, big events get extended, and the next event starts before the first one is over, because…. Previews assigns a date, and we have to stick with that, and so often, the ending of the events has big consequences that have ripple effects, but if there is no stone (yet), there is still a ripple but no one knows why.

And that brings us to the first (I think) of the Generations books, The Strongest. Bringing together Totally Awesome Hulk (which was such an awful idea to begin with, why can’t Amadeus just be smart and sassy, why does he have to be a Hulk?) along with Banner, who was dead and/or going to help Nazi-Cap.

This book clarified nothing, made me as questions I don’t care about the answers to, and confirmed my suspicion that Generations has all the makings of Marvel’s Next Big Hot Mess ™.

WOE indeed.

For this weeks WTF panel…

Compare Secret Avengers Shang-Chi (left) with this wispy facial-haired fellow on the right.

Also picked up this week: Champions, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Jessica Jones, KoDT, New Gods Special.