Wow or Woe, Release Date 8/9

709938_secret-empire-8-js-campbell-variantSecret Empire #8 came out this week.

I am sure many of you have given up, and I also know people who think this is the greatest, most important comic event for our current state of affairs in America. I am seeing it through to the end, so that I might be able to offer up a fully informed analysis.

This was the issue narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Is the story getting any more coherent> Is there any more clarity how this event is going to transition to Generations and Legacy, which has already started!!!


It gets a very frustrating WOE from me, on so many levels. If they went for it, really went for it, if the repercussions of this were felt 2 years from now, that might be interested. It isn’t even relevant in most of the titles being currently being published by Marvel.

Also purchased this week: Generations: The Phoenix, Riverdale, Hulk, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Old Man Logan, Ms. Marvel, Defenders, Wolverine.

Wow or Woe, Release date 8/2

702494_bfa4c9d26dbac4dda442cfcd8f4b3b677b3c8fbaAs is common-place these days, big events get extended, and the next event starts before the first one is over, because…. Previews assigns a date, and we have to stick with that, and so often, the ending of the events has big consequences that have ripple effects, but if there is no stone (yet), there is still a ripple but no one knows why.

And that brings us to the first (I think) of the Generations books, The Strongest. Bringing together Totally Awesome Hulk (which was such an awful idea to begin with, why can’t Amadeus just be smart and sassy, why does he have to be a Hulk?) along with Banner, who was dead and/or going to help Nazi-Cap.

This book clarified nothing, made me as questions I don’t care about the answers to, and confirmed my suspicion that Generations has all the makings of Marvel’s Next Big Hot Mess ™.

WOE indeed.

For this weeks WTF panel…

Compare Secret Avengers Shang-Chi (left) with this wispy facial-haired fellow on the right.

Also picked up this week: Champions, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Jessica Jones, KoDT, New Gods Special.



Wow or Woe, Release Date 7/19

700810_2ebdec0994beefe46f5bcdd528d0005d2d0bb0c4Archie 22, Over the Edge finale

I was looking forward to this.

The promise was this:

“The end has come for one of Riverdale’s most beloved residents.”

This one gets a WOW!

Also picked up this week: Secret Empire, Daredevil, Invincible Iron-Man, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Totally Awesome Hulk, Luke Cage.









. Highlight to make the text appear.


Archie Comics leaked info, clearing everyone but Reggie and Betty.

Reggie lived and was taken by the police into custody, Betty was in a hospital bed.

My mind went to a place where Betty’s parents pull an Uncle Teddy from Rescue Me.

Did the issue live up to the promotional copy?

No. Not taking the words literally. No.

Not yet.

The story might not be over yet.

Reggie does not make an appearance.

But, boy, the emotional moments of this issue were great. The art and minimal dialogue said so much. These are the characters that have been beloved for so many years. These are the characters on the TV show.

If I could only get books from one publisher, it would be Archie. I wouldn’t get a lot of books, but damn would they be good.




Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 7/12

700755_81fb3e153a423e8b36d21a527c545036081681a5.jpgDark Days: The Casting #1

How interesting would Lord of the Rings been in Gandalf not only had taken the ring, but kicked ass and taken names, and he and Sauron had an epic battle with wire-fu?

Batman is Gandalf, but instead of giving him anything resembling limits, he is the best at everything.

Except staying focused. Isn’t there a whole situation with a button?

Methinks Batman’s greatest foe might be the man known only as DiDio.

The Bat-heavy focus of this series leaves me…. WOE.


700725_c62a23c7b503a85962811959999055fea81cef36Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

A callback to an iconic cover, this issue actually gave me all the feels, so much so that I was surprised.

An obvious WOW!

Other comics this week: Josie and the Pussycats, Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, X-Men Blue, Defenders, Old Man Logan, Hulk, and Spider-Men II.





Wow or Woe, Release Date 7/5 or 7/6

Skybourne-4-page-18I was on vacation, and I noted that some comic stores were delaying comics until Thursday, but saw that others were not, although they might be late.

Either way, I picked up my comics on Thursday.

Skybourne #4

I have mentioned before that I don’t get Previews. When I saw the first issue of this at the store, I picked it up.

I have not been particularly engaged, and I’m sure the inconsistency of publishing hasn’t helped.

However….. this issue was BANANAS! Truthfully, even if you just picked up this issue, and knew nothing else, I think you would enjoy it to some degree. Cho’s art is epic and cinematic and fun, and makes this entire issue feel like the climax of a film, in all the best ways.


Other comics this week: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Champions, Wolverine, Daredevil, Riverdale, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Secret Empire: Brave New World.


Wow or Woe, Comic Release Date 6/28

IMG_0907.JPGDear Arthur Adams,

Why does your Jean Grey look like a porn star/ Hollywood starlet in X-Men Blue #6?

The reason I ask, is because in all her other appearances she is very clearly drawn with a small bust-line.

The art in this issue is all over the place, that isn’t your fault.

Even with the Jean’s excitement of her future training on the last page, this one is losing me. WOE.

Elektra #5

Humanizing and youthifying the title character is an interesting choice, one in-line with the sameyness of the Whedon-verse characterizations. With that said, I have enjoyed this, and this one gets a WOW primarily for Arcade’s callback to, what I called, the Hopeless Saga.

Batgirl #12

One of the few DC books in my pull-list, and the one I am enjoying the most. Batgirl is sassy, smart, and written well. This issue was a stand-alone story!!!! One that was interesting, even. For that alone, it gets a WOW!

Wow or Woe, Release Date 6/21

699798_017ccacb72a7e0c4288b867b99a58397ced1236eDaredevil 22

The Smith-Bendis-Brubaker run of Daredevil is my all time favorite extended run of fiction. I have enjoyed, to varying degrees that which has come after, but it has never clicked for me in a magical way.

Calm down.

DD #22 was one of the better issues and resolutions in this post S-B-B era of the Man Without Fear. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it was one of those issues that questioned and flipped some of the pre-established status-quo issues in comics.

That warrants it a WOW!

Also in my pull this week: Archie, Knights of the Dinner Table, Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys, Thor, Invincible Iron Man, Luke Cage, PP: TSS-M, Secret Empire: Brave New World, Secret Empire: Underground, Wonder Woman/ Tasmanian Devil, Iceman.

Wow or Wow, Release Date 6/14

4316685Betty and Veronica #3

I will be the first to admit, the first issues were problematic, primarily for the portrayal of Veronica. Hughes’ art might also have been an issue, but I was always hopeful there would be a payoff.

With the series concluding, Hughes’ experiment and lesson in lateness is over. I have no idea what was originally planned, how long it was supposed to go, but this story came to a conclusion.

WOW! The ending made me smile, it was everything I might have hoped for and more, and I’m sad the series won’t continue, but maybe another volume of the title will be forthcoming.

4317005Secret Empire #4

How easy would it be to state that is cover was everything wrong with the issue? J. Scott Campbell art depicting characters who don’t have much to do with the issue…

But the reality is much more complicated, and exposes the flaw of a binary, arbitrary rating system, and I’ve no Siskel to give a counter-point.

Thus, I must reluctantly give this one a WOW!

Lots of callbacks to previous events, good and bad, a surprising return, and as much as the literal image of Cap in the green emperor style attire nauseated me, it was effective.

The whole thing is problematic, and one of my main complaints is the lack of effect on the rest of the titles being published, thus pulling me out of the grimdark narrative.

This was a big week: LSH/ Bus Bunny crossover, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Old Man Logan, Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Wolverine, Secret Empire United, Dark Days The Forge, Defenders, Kingpin, Supergirl, Weapon X, Wonder Woman.

Wow or Woe: Release Date 6/7

DBuU1C5VYAMWIUx-1Champions #9

Yes, I liked Red Locust, however, her introduction is mildly problematic, because, marvel is struggling so very much right now, and part of that struggle, I argue, is due to the introduction and focus on too many new characters, and not enough usage of pre-existing characters. Stay tuned for a Crisis if Comics detailing who could have been included instead! Even with that said, I really liked this issue! WOW!

Iceman #1

What a great story! One issue, a complete story with depth and nuance. Elder Bobby gets his own series, and the first issue is great! WOW!

Also purchased this week: Riverdale, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Daredevil (Echo is back!!!!!!), Hawkeye, DK III, Avengers, Secret Empire: Brave New World, Jessica Jones.

Many of these were Wow-worthy!

Wow or Woe: Release Date 5/31

Screenshot-77-1A very light week this week, due, I believe to May having 5 Wednesdays. Years ago, DC had a cool 5th week event, sadly, now we just get a light week for releases.

Wonder Woman Annual

Ignoring the complicated mess that is the current DC continuity (as much as they try to forcefeed the lemmings that Rebirth restores DC to the universe all the lemmings loved, this is not true at all, why do many of the characters not know each other, where is their history, why are they all 25-27 years old, etc) and focusing just on the story, this book was everything I hoped for. Specifically, the first story. It was wonderful. It gives me hope. I makes me believe. i am excited for the Wonder Woman film, and early buzz suggests my excitement will be rewarded.

This one gets a huge WOW!

Other comics this week: Hulk, Josie and the Pussycats, Secret Empire, Secret Empire: Uprising, Old Man Logan.