Wow or Woe, Release Date 12/19

OCT181578Die, Kitty, Die: Heaven and Hell #3

This is a great character and super fun book. I wish one of the Big Two would sign these creators up to do a mainstream book, something fun, silly, meta, and sexy. Titans? Powergirl? She-Hulk?

That said, I wish this series was coming out monthly as well!


Wow or Woe, Release Date 12/12

jul189196The Magic Order

Mark Millar signed some sort of deal with Netflix, I guess. The end result is comics, which are things I like. This is about a group of wizards practicing magic in our world, beyond the veil of reality, or some such. When this series os over, I will definitely want to go back and read it again, to pick up on all the stuff I am sure I missed.

But right now, this gets a WOW!


Wow or Woe, Release Date 11/7

STL096405.jpgDie Kitty Die: Cathouse of Horror

I wish this was a series that came out regularly. I wish 4 issues didn’t drop on the same day. I wish one of these artists (Parent, Ruiz, Legace) did a fun teen superhero book (ala Perez+Wolfman Titans, or Byrne+Claremont X-Men). This was a really one-shot, as they all are.



Wow or Wow, Release Date 10/31

aug180462Heroes in Crisis #2

When this series is over, will I re-read it and recall this issue as being chock-full of clues and Easter eggs? Maybe.

As it stands, as a stand-along issue, i have to give it a WOE! The narrative was disjointed, I didn’t understand why Harley switched costumes, did the kissing character die? Did I miss that last bit in issue 1? Not everything needs to be spelled out, and I don’t mind some questions, like the last, BUT, serialized media works best when each issue works and has an “a-ha!” moment as well as something definitely leaving one wanting more. This did not.